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Leader Lightcrest
Empire Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
Region US
Server Waterson
Tags/Abbreviations [XCON]
Stats CONS0RTIUM Stats


[edit] CONS0RTIUM in Planetside 1

In Planetside 1 CONS0RTIUM started as the combination of two New Conglomerate outfits. The outfit "Legacy", led by PS1 veteran Caidyn(Lightcrest), combined with the outfit >>HAVOC<<, led by PS1 veterans NCxWarbear and NCxBloodtide, to bolster both of their numbers. The outfit, which was now all under the name >>HAVOC<<, was most active from early 2011 to mid 2011 and was able to field a platoon of roughly 20+ troops focusing on vehicle operations, anti-vehicle operations, and galaxy operations. After mid 2011 a large portion quit Planetside 1 due to disinterest and >>HAVOC<< was fielding roughly just a squad of 10. >>HAVOC<< died with the death of Planetside 1.

[edit] Planetside 1's death to Rebirth in Planetside 2

After Planetside 1 the outfit still maintained contact on other games through their community website. The community, led by Lightcrest and that dated back to roughly 2004/2005 starting in the game Tabula Rasa, was renamed to "Echelon". When Planetside 2 came into beta quite a few played and when the game was released in November 2012 Warbear had become the commander and created the outfit "Echelon" on NC on the server Waterson. Lightcrest and few of the old planetside 1 members were not playing at the time and the outfit "Echelon" was active for about two months with roughly 15 active members at its peak. Lightcrest eventually returned as the commander and the community's name was changed to "Consortium". In June 2013 Lightcrest and a few of the old Planetside 1 veterans formed the outfit "CONS0RTIUM" on TR on the server Waterson. The switch from NC to TR was due to frustration with NC and the desire to try something new on the game. The outfit is lead by the commander - Lightcrest and the secondary commander - Battlecub(Warbear). At its current state "CONS0RTIUM" is just made up of mostly the old planetside 1 players and is just beginning to recruit.

[edit] Mission and Goals

Community Goal

The main goal for the community as a whole has always been to enjoy the games we play as a group, and have fun while making awesome memories with your fellow gamers. Its more than just an outfit or a guild in a game its a community and it wants to have members stick around and become a part of that community. We hope members end up wanting to play other games with the community and not just participate in the game they were recruited in.

Planetside 2 Mission

In Planetside 2 one of CONS0RTIUM's missions is to have fun and AVOID THE ALLIED ZERG*. The other mission is the operations strategy. CONS0RTIUM focuses on Rapid Ground Insertion(RGI) and taking the smaller bases around main objectives quickly and holding them. Then proceeding to help the zerg take main objectives if need be. They perform RGI through squads of harassers, generally equipped with vulcans, which hit outposts hard, taking the point, and then circling the outpost keeping the enemy inside pinned and approaching enemy vehicles or reinforcements out. Occasionally the harassers will be followed up by an AMS equipped Sunderer if infantry combat is necessary. They will also approach outposts via Galaxies if it is more effective. However, the outfit is fluid and can adjust its strategy accordingly to best complete its mission.

.* - CONS0RTIUM finds being a small group fighting the enemy zerg enjoyable but views zerg on zerg fights as boring, frustrating, and tedious. However, the zerg is a function that needs to be directed by someone but that someone is not CONS0RTIUM.

[edit] Recruitment

Recruitment is currently active in Planetside 2. CONS0RTIUM recruits through in game contact or via a small application submitted on their website [1] which is then looked over by leadership and possibly approved. It is not a rigorous process by any means. Feel free to contact them in game if interested in what they want to accomplish or just looking to have some fun with fun people.

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