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Clan Magnus Legio
CML 6.5bk small.gif
Leader Dzire
Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Region US East
Server Mattherson
Tags/Abbreviations CML

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Clan Magnus Legio


[edit] Information

Founded by Dzire, Clan Magnus Legio reigns on the Mattherson (US East) Server as a brutally effective New Conglomerate outfit. We have over 300 enlisted Legionaries and 150 active, bloodthirsty freedom fighters prepared to demolish enemy units at a moment's notice. Due to the quality of the in-game voice chat, we use TeamSpeak 3 for enhanced coordination to execute swift and precise tactics, leaving piles of TR and VS skulls as memorials to our operations. As a unique and balanced clan, our platoons often exercise airborne infantry with supporting armored vehicles and air squadrons for incredible offensive and defensive operations. Attacking, we strike quickly with overwhelming force. Defending, we endure wave after wave of TR and VS drones that fall to our determination and timed counter attacks. Already recognized as one of the prominent outfits on our server, CML is always looking to grow and improve. Planetside 2 is always changing, and the clan is constantly adapting our play-style to overcome any challenges. Through insightful strategies and cohesive collaboration, the outfit often turns what seems to be the impossible into something simple. We are not your typical mindless zerg; we are a hard-hitting, fast-striking hammer of destruction. Our S.E.A.L.-like squads are known for moving swiftly and accomplishing tactical objectives to come out at the top of a large combat conflict. We may not have the large numbers of a zergfit, but our superior coordination can overcome the strength of one. We value teamwork and cooperation on all levels. We hold all types of training sessions for both new and veteran players of the outfit to improve on every aspect of the game. Weekly event nights and operations are held maximizing involvement and activity within the clan. As a community, CML is very friendly and welcome mature gamers of all ages. We encourage anyone to roll with us by joining our daily open platoons. Applications to the outfit can be found on our website. If you're looking to quench your insatiable appetite for domination, this is the right clan for you. Hope to see you on the battlefield!

[edit] Clan Structure

Our clan follows a hierarchical structure to facilitate efficient organization and communication. There are advancement opportunities for the most passionately involved intellects. We have multiple Cohorts under our larger Centuries (Infantry, Armor, and Air) with specialized training for each Cohort. With the sharpest-shooting troops and unstoppable tank forces accompanied by the most precise aces in the sky in our arsenal, we are one of the most feared outfits of the New Conglomerate.

[edit] Ranks
Clan Ranks

Member Ranks

  • Recruit (Procus): Means "Intended" or "Candidate." Not attended Basic Training.
  • Initiate (Tiro): Means "Recruit" , "Cadet" , "Young Soldier", "Beginner" etc. Attended Basic Training
  • Enlisted (Legionarius): Means "Legionary Soldier" , or just "Legionary." This group should consist of most of our members. Attended Basic and Advanced Trainings. Now a full member.

Leader Ranks

  • Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) (Decanus): Means "Imperial Officer." Squad Leaders.
  • Centurion: Means "Captain" or "Centurion." Platoon Leaders, which oversee and command several squads.
  • Praefector: Means "Commander" or "General." Division Commanders.

Other Officers

  • Diplomat (Legatus): Someone who will deal with other Outfits and planning simultaneous operations.
  • Quaestor: Treasurer.
  • Conquisitor: Means Recruiter.

Senate Ranks (Organizational, Non-combat related)

  • Censor: Means "Reviewer" or "Assessor" - Senate Member - One of the few members that make important decisions for the Clan (Chosen by Consul & Pro-Consul).
  • Pro-Consul: 2nd in Command.
  • Consul: Head of the Senate, Leader of the Clan. Dzire.

[edit] What We Offer

Magnus Legio presents a unique atmosphere for casual and hard-core gamers. Whether it's your first day on Auraxis or you've been playing since PS 1, we offer many trainings that will enlighten you and show you a different perspective to hone your skills in the areas you are interested in.

Basic Training in CML

[edit] Basic Training

Weekly Basic trainings are for new members of the outfit as well as the game in-general.

Basic Training offers:
  • Communication protocol
  • Squad teams
  • Game mechanics
  • Clan guidelines

[edit] Advanced Training

After Basic Training, you qualify for Advanced trainings which will teach members the advanced strategies of CML. After passing advanced training, members are considered to be the elite of the clan and are expected to uphold the Honor of the Legion. You will also be allowed to join a specialized division of your choice, a Cohort.

Advanced Training offers:
  • Offensive and Defensive strategies
  • More communication protocol
  • Clan initiation ceremony

[edit] Cohorts

Cohorts are our Elite divisions within the Legion. Members that have completed Advanced Training are welcome to join any cohort of their interest as long as they meet the requirements.

Our Fulgur Troopers dropping in
[edit] Fulgur Cohort

Our Fulgur Cohort is the elite of the elite of paratroopers. Clan Magnus Legio is already known for its lightning-fast speed, and Fulgur amplifies this speed to a mind-blowing level. We basically take it to infinity and then beyond.

Draconus reigning down death
[edit] Draconus Cohort

The Draconus Cohort is famous on Mattherson for its accurate bombing runs and devastating results. Our Liberators are always on point destroying objectives with ease.

Aquila ready for battle
[edit] Aquila Cohort

Many of the most feared Aces in the sky are in our Aquila Cohort. Our reaver pilots can out-maneuver any enemy making the skies a nightmare for enemy wings.

Tanks Roll Out!
[edit] Armored Vehicle Cohort

The tanks of the New Conglomerate are the most cumbersome vehicles in the game, yet our Armored Cohort manages these babies like high-speed racers attached to a barrel of doom. We can get to anywhere in Auraxis in a blink of an eye, unloading our artillery on unfortunate peasants, begging us to take their base already.

Blue Team
[edit] Blue Team

Our Special Operations: Blue team is the most secretive division in the entire game. So secret that this is all I'm able to tell you. If I were to say another word I would probably be killefdscwr-

[edit] Events and Operations

Our weekly event nights are the like the exclusive clubs that everyone wants to get into. During these nights, we host humorous rounds of wacky and unthinkable scenarios.

Our Platoons are also open daily for anyone interested in rolling with us. Occasionally we will coordinate with our allies in the Coalition to destroy the opposition. On planned Operations nights, we normally have at least 4 squads open that can grow upwards to multiple platoons of Legionaries.

[edit] Recruitment

What We Look For

We seek mature, disciplined applicants that have both the ability to learn and the tendency to listen. We will teach you the skills you need, and train you until you have the discipline required, but you must LISTEN and LEARN first. We goof off just as much as anyone else, but the key is knowing when to and when to NOT do so. We’ve designed the outfit to appeal to casual gamers and hardcore gamers alike. Whether you’re someone who logs in once a week, or an intense gamer looking for an organized outfit--CML does it all.

If you would like to roll with us, look for CML in the platoon menu in-game. Make sure to join our Teamspeak server. Diplomats looking to get in contact with Clan Magnus Legio should apply as a Legatus on our website or send a /tell in-game to Dzire or another officer. E-mail us at [email protected]

[edit] Requirements

  • New Conglomerate character on Mattherson Server
  • TeamSpeak 3
  • A working microphone
  • Mature attitude
  • Ability to work within a team

[edit] Contact Information

The easiest way to contact officials is applying to our website and posting on our forums. E-mails can be sent to [email protected]

The next way to contact us as well as get to know the community is joining one of our open Squads by searching for "CML - Legion #" in the platoon section of the game.

Officers can also be contacted in-game. A list of officers is below. For an explanation of Officer ranks see Ranks.

List of Officers


  • ValiantViet
  • Grumsy


  • Aahzmundus
  • Infantrie
  • AEllis0
  • SilentJay
  • VDVTrooper
  • Czarcasm
  • Felnius
  • Yetskii
  • DemonRazgriz
  • Slavgaard
  • Gecko
  • Darkgusgus
  • Tracer13bullet


  • EnglishMat
  • Slyy
  • Snowdude
  • Schoff
  • Voke
  • Docsyn


  • Dzire

[edit] Media

With constant events, trainings, and operations, CML has accumulated a plethora of screenshots and videos.

[edit] Screenshots

Visit our Gallery!

[edit] Trainings

[edit] Events and Operations

[edit] Videos


[edit] Testimonials

CML Quote

—(NC) Tactical Gamer [TG] TGRandyShughartClwFL

CML Quote

—(VS) Vanu Mob [VMOB] MobBoss

CML Quote

—(NC) Black Arrows [BAX] BlackShrike

CML Quote

—(VS) Hayabusa [HAYA] VDX

CML Quote

—(NC) Clan Magnus Legio [CML] Grumsy

Since joining CML my certs and kills have skyrocketed. I had no idea what having support meant. The past few days have been a phenomenal experience. I believe I have finally found a damn good group to roll with. Live Free In The NC! about Excel In The CML..

—(NC) Clan Magnus Legio [CML] M2Cent

"CML is a great outfit, have rolled with them on Beta!

So if you are looking for a quality outfit check CML in your list!

—(NC) Sturmgrenadier [SG] Lacrosix

CML Quote

—(NC) Templars of the New Conglomerate [TENC] Cmelt

I have to say, being a member of CML is some of the best gaming experiences I've ever had.. and its been a long gaming road for me. Really enjoying my time here.. FOR THE LEGION.

—(NC) Clan Magnus Legio [CML] Polly0

And it gets better all the time. I joined CML in late January and have never regretted it. It's awesome being part of a team that is growing, where you get out of it what you put in, and the sky is the limit.

—(NC) Clan Magnus Legio [CML] SilentJay

I was in alpha then beta. One day as I was lone wolfing with the Zerg (I had been in different squads, and had invites to Outfits all the time). So One day in August, I got an invite from Dzire. He was forming CML then, there may have been 30 members tops. Well, 9 months later, I am still here.

Been through all the growing pains of the Outfit. Met some strange people but I like the company and attitude. I have been in Outfits/Clans/Tribes in various games over the years, and feel like this is the best I have ever been.

—(NC) Clan Magnus Legio [CML] Yetskii

I was almost about to quit Planetside a while back. My previous outfit had imploded, my RL friends stopped playing, and random squads weren't working for me. Then Dzire sent me a message, asking if I wanted to try running with his outfit for a bit. I was hesitant but I agreed, and I've had an absolute blast since. The level of maturity, organization and professionalism I see around me every day amazes me. I look forward to great times with all of you and showing everyone on Matherson what a truly organized outfit can do.

—(NC) Clan Magnus Legio [CML] HoneyballZ

I was in a zerg outfit back in Alpha for like 2 weeks until they all stopped playing, so I became a lone wolf. One day I see a squad of NC guys taking out VS vehicles, and just defending this base from a force twice their size. Naturally I joined in the fun. Dzire sent me a squad invite, so I ran with them a bit. I liked the organization, leadership, and play style, so I asked if they had a outfit. Dzire then sent me the link, and an invite to the outfit, so I joined up. Even though I am not on a whole lot, I know that this is the best group of gamers I could have found.

—(NC) Clan Magnus Legio [CML] MisterB

First week of closed beta (well..2nd day acually) and I got a squad invite.. back when you could spawn from Gals, and we kept moving and flinging the fights... I've been with CML ever since sept 8th.

—(NC) Clan Magnus Legio [CML] Slavgaard

I was in AOD (TR Outfit) on and off for many years playing various games here and there. When I got into planetside 1 I played with them and then when PS2 came out I ran with them as well. But they're a zerg fest... throw as many guys on a territory as possible and hope they capture it. Crimson (long time friend) told me about CML on NC and I was quickly interested. Haven't zerged since!

—(NC) Clan Magnus Legio [CML] Polly0

I remember rolling with Dzire in the tech test. Spawnable galaxies FTW! CML has definitely kept me playing PS2--no doubt I would have moved on without this outfit. Brings me back to my clan-playing days of MOHAA and COD (before consoles ruined it). Looking forward for 2013 to play itself out. Should be interesting where we stand as the game progresses and expands. CML outfit, best outfit.

—(NC) Clan Magnus Legio [CML] Schoff

Princess and I were running around in the beta, following some chumps with clan tags by their names. After we tore down a Sunderer they couldn't handle, and Princess was running around shouting out the names of her revive targets over proxy, we went on our way... About twenty minutes later, she tells me some guy named Dzire keeps sending her messages about joining a clan, saying things like "It's the only way to really play the game, I promise you won't regret it."

We both ended up saying to each other "Wow that's pretty creepy."

We joined anyway.

—(NC) Clan Magnus Legio [CML] MoistPopcorn

[edit] Other

Consul: Dzire

Contact: [email protected]


SOE Forums: Recruitment Thread

PSU Forums: Recruitment Thread

[edit] Honors

  • Clan Magnus Legio's Dzire established the New Conglomerate Coalition alliance among the NC of Mattherson.
  • Clan Magnus Legio was represented by Srixun during the Ultimate Empire Showdown on January 25, 2013.[1]
  • Dzire led the way to one of Planetside 2's first and largest tank columns, Sherman's March, during the Beta.[2]
  • Clan Magnus Legio is the very first New Conglomerate outfit from Mattherson to be featured on Major League Gaming's War Report alongside the Honeybadgers and Band of Bros. [3]

[edit] Streams

Slyy's Stream:

NiteconX's Stream:

CrunchBWZ's Stream:

Neville's Stream:

EnglishMat's Stream:

Schoff's Stream:

jmac22's Stream:

JeanRalphio's Stream:

[edit] Other Games

Other Games
  • Minecraft
  • Arma 3
  • DayZ
  • League of Legends
  • EVE
  • DOTA 2
  • Hawken
  • World of Tanks
  • Mechwarrior
  • Warframe
  • Red Orchestra 2
PlanetSide Universe
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