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New Conglomerate Coalition
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Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Region US East
Server Mattherson
Tags/Abbreviations NCC, The Coalition

The New Conglomerate Coalition was an Outfit Alliance on Mattherson. In early 2014 a lot of outfits left the NCC and formed a new Alliance, the Alliance:NCU. It consisted of the following outfits:

# Outfit/Statistics Tag/Wiki Website
1 Clan Magnus Legio CML
2 The Ascended TAS
3 Black Arrows BAX
4 Deuces Wild WILD
5 Super Troopers ST
6 New Conglomerate Defense Team NCDT N/A
7 Special Air Service SAS
8 Templars of the New Conglomerate TENC
9 Tactical Gamer TG
10 10th Mount Division NC10
11 Deathshead 117th NC Special Forces D117 N/A
12 Weapons of Mass Destruction WMD
13 NC Flying Aces AACE
14 Terrible Imposition TI6 N/A
15 WolfestSide 2 WOFI N/A
16 The 4 Aces 4ACE
17 Freedom Guard FGX
18 Voodoo Company VCO
19 Cheese Merchants CHZM N/A


[edit] Joining the Coalition

Any NC Mattherson outfit that values cooperative game-play and agrees with our core beliefs are welcome and encouraged to join the New Conglomerate Coalition. You can apply to join by visiting our website. Also, you may get in contact with any outfit leaders in the coalition such as Dzire, TGRandyShugartClwFL, and Fragproof.

[edit] Core Beliefs

1. Neutrality is key. There is NO commander of the NCC, and there NEVER will be.

2. Every outfit has a say in the NCC, whether 1000 members or 10. Everyone's opinion is important and worthy of consideration. Solicit and apply useful feedback, you may learn something new as well.

3. All attitudes are checked at the door. Focus on the team’s goal, not individual or outfit bragging rights.

4. Respect all other Outfits. Whether this is in game or out of it, respect goes a long way to developing lasting friendships between our Outfits.

5. Outfits in the NCC are there to support each other when possible. HOWEVER, every leader must understand that it may not always be possible or practical for some outfits to redirect the entirety of their forces in an effort to support another Outfit. Some outfits will have outfit events, planned training, community events... the list goes on. These outfits operate individually and can choose to do anything without repercussion, whether formal or informal.

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