Dark Ops

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Dark Ops
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Leader Ybok
Empire Logo vs.pngVanu Sovereignty
Region NA West
Server Connery
Tags/Abbreviations YBOK
Website http://ybokclan.shivtr.com/
Stats Dark Ops Stats


[edit] Outfit Information

Dark Ops [YBOK] is a Helios (Connery) server Vanu Sovereignty outfit. It's player base numbers over 330 members. The outfit is a founding member of the Helios High Vanu Command (HVC), coordinating with other Vanu outfits such as [DPSO], [PINK], and [JENK]. Dark Ops is a very active outfit that participates in incursions on all land masses. The highest levels of activities occur during prime time weekdays and weekends, with many of the Dark Ops members vigorously participating in full squads and platoons in normal and special events like Alerts and King of the Hill. The outfit has been recognized for successfully turning the tide of battle in many alerts, allowing the VS to gain strong first or second place wins.

Dark Ops is a special forces outfit, focusing on certain strategies to affect the outcomes of ground battles. Tactics include unconventional warfare, special reconnaissance, and direct action. During engagements, the platoon squads are divided into "A-Teams" specializing in rapid mobilization and infiltration (HALO Pod deployment, Galaxy High or Low Altitude deployment, Vehicular Shield Burster Injection) or particular mission objectives.

[edit] Recruitment

We are recruiting! Anyone is welcome to join. Membership tiers are divided into four ranks, (Not including the position of leader). They are: Recruit, Inductee, Operator, and Coordinator. Of the four tiers of ranks, the Coordinator and Operator are considered Outfit Officers. A microphone is highly suggested with in game VOIP audio enabled. Visit http://ybokclan.com/ for more information on recruitment or contact a Dark Ops [YBOK] member in game.

[edit] Training

Dark Ops conducts initial formal training and special forces training for its members. Training varies depending on demand and requirements, but specialized training sessions are available. Contact a [YBOK] Coordinator regarding training opportunities.

[edit] History

Dark Ops was created on 1 December 2012 by a player named Ybok and uses the outfit tag [YBOK]. The outfit tag is reverse anagram of Koby [1], the name of the outfit leader.

[edit] Leadership


  • Ybok


  • DaintyMorsel
  • G0dsStomach
  • VanuWarrior123


  • abombanation
  • AmeliaEarhart
  • Benwizzle
  • Dizastrophe
  • Ectoplasm018
  • JacobsMcColony
  • Killerkittenish
  • Sahana
  • Skadolphin
  • Skurj
  • TheCerulean
  • TheWhisper
  • undermos1
  • UziPrime
  • Vaer

[edit] Website

Main page : http://ybokclan.com/

[edit] Contact and Media Relations

[edit] References and Citations

  1. http://ybok-outfit.ucoz.org/forum/3-12-64-16-1365993861
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