Dark Skyes Gaming

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Dark Skyes Gaming
Leader xDSxREAPER, Lazer1982
Empire Terran Repubic
Region East Coast
Server Emerald
Website https://darkskyesgaming.shivtr.com/
Stats Dark Skyes Gaming Stats

The most ELITE and most HATED and ENVIED Planetside 1 Outfit there is in the Terran Republic

Has Retured to Planetside 2..

Do you hate civil liberties? Freedom? Science? Math? Money? Decision making?

Then have no fear because joining Dark Skyes will be the last decision you ever make.

Dark Skyes Gaming wants to show you the other side of Planetside 2. The other side of Planetside 2 is the fun of rolling with a close group of people that you will eventually call your friends while spilling the blood of your enemies.

(Dark Skyes is a mature gaming community that was founded in 2003 during the Planetside 1 days. We operate in squad/platoon size elements and pride ourselves on turning the tide of battle through organized teamplay and the power of friendship.

We primarily focus on infantry ground operations but we are no strangers to running tank columns to flank the enemy or gathering a large air wing to decimate an unsuspecting enemy force.

The bottom line is that we are good size force and Skill , causing a large amount of devastation through teamwork.

Most importantly, our main goal is that you and all of our members have fun.

Still questioning our legitimacy? We have a website and Many youtube video's, they don't just give those to anybody.

If you are interested in joining the "Dark Skyes Gaming" brotherhood then do the following. -Visit us at our website https://darkskyesgaming.shivtr.com/ -Fill out an application on the forums and introduce yourself (we ask that members be 18 or over....or be mature for your age) -Join us on our dedicated Discord Voice server. -Come join the fight and have fun.

Teamwork is overpowered!!!

PlanetSide Universe
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