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Leader Hej
Empire Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
Region Pacific/West
Server Connery
Tags/Abbreviations [D]
Stats Directorate Stats

About The Directorate:

An active PS2 outfit that works toward completion of objectives. We are self sufficient, we have enough quality members to run squads and platoons.

In order to save time the recruitment policies are very lax and people who are not up to par get kicked.


The goals for the outfit are simple - you should be able to log in whenever you want and be able to find a squad to play with who will have your back with great gameplay. This is a game, we don't want to schedule things. Also, all outfit gameplay should be fun and rewarding. This goal has been met.


The Directorate is an MMO continuation of team Drastic, a competitive and sponsored clan in Counter-Strike, a tournament winner in Savage 2 (beat Check Six Gaming), and arena warriors from Tribes Ascend.

The Directorate, in its current form, was funded during the closed beta on the PS2 server named "West 02". It was then reformed on server "Thebes" and reformed for the final time on the server "Connery".

The outfit has had multiple faces, at one time boasting nearly 1,000 members. Currently we have settled on a 200-300 member base and at most times have enough players to make a squad or platoon.


We will take part in MLG when/if it is ready. We will only accept sponsors if they give us worthwhile stuff. Also looking forward to Star Citizen.


·Operator: Unlike other outfits everyone who joins gets a cool and tacticool title of Operator. What does an operator do? All sorts of operations. Operators are tested for loyalty and skill and advance to the next rank very quickly.

·Controller: The second rank is also really cool, this is for people who are done operating and are now controlling the battlefield.

·High Guard: Much like the elite soldiers of the Commonwealth the Directorate High Guard is a deadly force of the best warriors, ready to guard the Terran Republic and defend the honor of the Directorate. This is the highest rank a warrior of the Republic could achieve.

·High Councilor: Learned and experienced strategists and tacticians, born to command and conquer.

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