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Forward Advanced Tactical 32
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Empire Logo vs.pngVanu Sovereignty
Region North America
Server Connery
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As of 31-May-13 the active leadership of FT32 have accepted an offer to merge with PCYS. Until further notice FT32 is no longer active.

[edit] History

The 32nd attempt by the group to move in a positive X-plane direction and currently the most successful to date, was founded by eccentric Vanu Sovereignty scientists Skillt and Purplehazze, who accidentally mistook the remaining byte information left over after a re-format of the central knowledge depository, as instructions by the ancient Vanu to develop an advanced weapon/breakfast system that would both devastate the armies of the Terran Republic and the New Conglomerate while providing a balanced and nutritious morning meal.

Attempts to further decipher this "code" revealed that critical components of the doomsday / breakfast device, code named "Death Brunch" (artist conception), were located in ancient Vanu cities, buried beneath the current Terran Republic and New Conglomerate Head Quarters.

Thus in an attempt to complete this work [FT32] was created, to take the best candidates in positive X-plane movement, and create a cohesive fighting unit that would be able to succeed in advancing far enough in the X-plane so as to reach these ancient cities and extract the components there-in.

There has been some speculation by other, more conservative Vanu scientists that this so-called ancient Vanu directive is nothing more than garbled data of the research notes on a prototype Lasher and a recipe for a popular breakfast sandwich from a prior knowledge directory installation.

Despite this counter belief the members of [FT32] move ever onward in their pursuit of one day overcoming both their enemy and their morning dietary requirements.

[edit] Playstyle

Members of FT32 are encouraged to enjoy the game, while helping other Outfit members and making sure that everyone is having a good time, we have a fairly casual command style and only request discipline during certain special tasks (ie a MAX crash) or during a large Platoon gathering.

As we grow, specialized groups are being organized between like-minded members, so if your interested in specific play styles, join us today and help shape how we run our squads!

[edit] Ranks

Rank Title Attributes Requirements Responsibilities Persons
Omnipotent Founder or major contributor to Outfit development Demonstrate dedication to the development of FT32 and notable contribution to the Outfits progress Administration and development of Outfit growth skillt, purplehazze
Demi-God Strong leader Mic, Command Certifications required, Demonstrate ability to lead Platoons and individual Squads Command outfit Platoons and squads
Techno Lord Encouragefun for all Outfit members, a forward advancing tactician & effective communicator Mic recommended, spent 1500 certs into a class or vehicle Actively contribute in Outfit squads
Nanite Have fun with other Outfit members, follows orders and communicates with the rest of the squad during group actions Engineer Repair Gun Rank 5, or Resurrection Grenade Join outfit squads
Glitch Newbie Be a cool-ish guy and apply on website Follow orders and enjoy the game

[edit] How to Join

If you believe in moving forward, advancing through opposition or are generally inclined to moving in a positive direction and are willing to fight for your right for a balanced breakfast, head over to our forum and apply today!!!

1. Register for our forum.

2. Use the application template and make a new post on the Applications Page.

3. Wait for approval by an outfit Officer.

4. Message an outfit Officer in game.

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