Future Crew

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Future Crew
Leader ShockFC
Empire Logo vs.pngVanu Sovereignty
Region North America
Server Connery
Tags/Abbreviations FCRW
Website www.future-crew.net
Stats Future Crew Stats

Future Crew was formed in 2003 during the early days of PlanetSide 1. The outfit was formed by Maniak and Krelian after they became tired of being in a large outfit with no leadership or functionality. The outfit was created with 5 or 6 members at first, and was extremely selective in it's recruitment processes. The leaderboard was used quite a bit to recruit new players during the early days of FC.

After some time of seeking out the best, FC began to gain a reputation as one of the best in the game - other empires and outfits would seek FC out for competition. The outfit also prided itself on being fun, holding ANT races as well as a weekly comic strip that Krelian made.

After a year, Krelian and Maniak quit for WoW after laying the groundwork and basis behind what would become a super power outfit and community not only in PS1/PS2 but in many other games. Outfit leaders from then on were picked based on understanding of the outfit's rules and principles. PS1 legends such as GreenDragon4, Abathur, LtSmash, and even SKYeXile held outfit leader for small chunks of time. However, in 2006, ShockSN (now ShockFC) took outfit leadership and has been at the position since.

FC would go on to win outfit wars on Markov in PS1 with a perfect 6-0-0 record. FC also was #1 in total kills worldwide, and was the first outfit to 10 million outfit points with a lifetime average of well under 100 members.

In PS2, Future Crew has found it's way to the top as the #1 outfit on Connery based on a minimum of 12 members and the #1 outfit in the world based on a minimum of 48 members. 3 of the first 5 BR100 players were FC or FC's Australian sister outfit (TRF). FC still recruits and attracts the best in PS2. Gaining high profile players from all across Connery, including top members of dying/inactive outfits.

FC has plans to continue on to MLG. The outfit is currently fully preparing for competitive play.


- Four players in FC have been banned in PS2 from mass "hackusations." All four players bans were reversed after protests from other FC members. The outfit's ongoing reputation for hacking however remains unchanged.

- ScourgeOfTheServer (world top 5 player) split off from FC in PS1 to form an outfit called "The Juggernauts." That outfit would thrive as FC's "backup outfit" on Markov. The Juggernauts merged back into FC for PS2.

- SKYeXile was the first player to BR23 in PS1, and the first player to BR100 in PS2

- The term used for kill stealing someone as a member of FC is simply "Future Crew."

- FC has a "squad" within the outfit named "The Amazing Rainbow Attack Squad."

- FC has many squad titles for their listed squads. They include: "Mastering ADAD takes YEARS", "Elton John's greatest hits", "Dost thou hoist?", "Super Action Sexy News", "Fabulous", "ARAS", "PCP > FC", and several others.

- Winners of SOE Live's Ultimate Squad showdown.

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