Genocidal Rampage

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Genocidal Rampage
Leader MagnumStallion
Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Region US West
Server Connery
Tags/Abbreviations CASH
Website CASH Forums
Stats Genocidal Rampage Stats

Genocidal Rampage (CASH) is an outfit that fights for New Conglomerate on Connery, a US West server. We have a large group of members who enjoy the casual enjoyment of playing an FPS while also striving for the occasional OP Night and serious organized gameplay. We were there when Indar was first capped on Helios, we were there to bloody Terran noses on Armstice day, and we'll be here for whatever major event befalls us!

Feel free to ask any CASH member on Helios about joining us as well as any of the leaders listed below.


[edit] Gameplay

CASH is one of the earliest outfits on Helios. We have a large core of very skilled gamers, a good majority of which are more than willing to share their knowledge on Planetside. Our outfit encourages both styles of gameplay: We enjoy playing with friends or casually in a platoon with other outfit members and not taking things too seriously. At the same time, we are holding more focused "Operation Nights" every week on Fridays in order to satisfy our urge for structured and focused obliteration of the Vanu Sovereignty and Terran Republic.

Our members take part in all aspects of the game. However, in recent times, have earned a reputation as one of the deadliest infantry outfits out there. With a cadre of veterans across every class available, we can dominate the earth and sky with nothing but 48 pairs of boots. The diversity among the membership's skill sets creates a set of fun rivalries and competitions between members to prove who has the best class.

[edit] Requirements

  • We have a private Teamspeak 3 to avoid issues with in-game VoIP
  • We prefer mature players only
  • Registration on our forums
  • Checking the forums every day or two and stay updated
  • Be friendly and respectful! We are on the same team

[edit] OP Night

Currently, we are running OP Nights weekly. However, we usually have a squad or platoon of at least 10 players running during north american day hours. On frequent occasion, we open said squad up publicly, so we may recruit a few members that the on-site leadership deems fit.

[edit] Leadership

  • MagnmStallion - Outfit Leader
  • Friskay
  • RaptorM2
  • Garflow
  • HendrickFalcon
  • Grovzny
  • JackMorgan
  • BlackHawkM1

[edit] Other Stuff

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