Hostile Paradigm

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Hostile Paradigm
Leader Radio/xDeatharcx/DrCoathanger
Empire Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
Server Emerald
Tags/Abbreviations [HSTL]
Website [1]
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[edit] Hostile Paradigm

[HSTL] is a Terran Republic outfit on the Emerald (US-E) Server, Originally founded in December of 2012 on the Jaeger server we have since expanded into a gaming community with an ever growing footholds in a multitude of games....

The primary focus for planetside at the moment is obtaining a group of players willing to improve themselves and are interested in incredibly tight squad based teamwork. Primarily using Galaxies to deposit ourselves in obtrusively bright red camo into horribly outnumbered fights and then proceeding to lock ourselves down inside one of the point rooms and using superior teamwork slaughter waves upon waves of horribly un-organzied pubbies and in doing so receive absurd amounts of certs while at the same time having fun and distinguishing ourselves from other outfits on the server via blinding red camo.

Our outfit is first and foremost about making internet friends. Then with those friends, having the best damned fights we possibly can. We will sometimes go out of our way to create situations where we are the meat in the NC & Vanu sandwich, and we will enjoy every second of it. We come up with terrible ideas, invent horrific gimmicks and then execute them to their lopsided potential.... and then get sent all manner of nasty things via tell, because apparently the way we play causes anger over video games.

[edit] History

Hostile Paradigm was originally concieved by a makeshift group of individuals in a public platoon who realised that we worked well together. Formed from the merger between two outfits ([VACS] Vander Air and Space corp.) & [UP] Utopia Project) we cast aside our mutual desires to become ace pilots and instead focused upon a task we believed that was lacking in our original server of Jaeger.


None of us could have imagined the success our outfit would have had; The right man, in the right place, with the right sort of explosives could shut down any Offensive. Our teammates would constantly discover new and entertaining ways to get that "right man" on top of the enemy spawns, into their tanklines and make gigantic nuances of themselves.

Eventually, success on the battlefield begot success politically: Our open operations reaped us a huge influx of members and within a few weeks we went from 50 members to nearly 500. Here is the hilarious part of the story: It nearly killed us.

[HSTL] is apparently not about massive hordes of faceless members. Whilst we grew in size, our "culture" (if you could call it that) keeled over and died, nobody knew each-other outside of the core founding members on TS and that was a horrible thing.

After purging ourselves of nearly all of our former members we looked into advancing ourselves to be one of the more distinguished outfits on Waterson and making sure that we would never tear ourselves apart by focusing on building an incredibly tight community.

We did our best to learn and mimic the competitive outfits on Waterson and eventually ironed out the kinks and we use these tactics and run through them each Sunday and all operations consist of Medic balling our way to victory.

We don't like not being able to recognize the names of the people we play with and a microphone is mandatory for playing with us. Playing with people you know tends to form a bizarre sort of unintentional "hive-mind", where everyone knows where everyone else and with everyone knowing exactly what to do in situations allowing us to steamroll even greater numbers then ourselves.

We no longer run public operations in which we "herd the zerg" so you won't ever find us publicly listed.

[edit] Training Operations

On Sundays we run a General Training Operation that is completely open to anyone that is looking to improve themselves or just incorporate the topics that we've picked up from longtime play.

The public that covers topics including:

  • Mouse Sensitivity and Recoil Management
  • Improving Aim to the point of consistent headshots.
  • A rundown on Squad Composition/Loadouts for optimal kill whoring.
  • An in-depth explanation of Building Callouts and Positioning
  • How to abuse Latency and General Movement tips.

The main objective is to just better anyone who is interested. We don’t particularly care if you’re here to steal our secrets because we’re freely handing them out.

[edit] Requirements

I. A Microphone and access to Teamspeak 3.

  • For operations being able to provide general callous and in general talk is the only way teamwork based groups can exist.
  • Text doesn't work and just listening in isn't enough.
  • You aren't going to make friends if you can’t talk.

II. 18+

  • Sorry Kiddies, Topics discussed in the Teamspeak are adverse to younger minds.

III. The most important of any of the requirements is a willingness to learn and improve yourself in-game and make friends.

IV. A Bright Red Camo.

  • Preferably Loyal Hearts. (It’s available on Valentine’s Day)
  • Why? Because it’s makes people mad to be killed by Something brighter than the sun.

[edit] Joining

If you check yes to the above requirements joining is rather simple.

Show up on the teamspeak ( and ask to join, or you can apply on the website.

[edit] Hours of Operations =

Operations occur on at 7:00pm EST (GMT-4) on

  • Tuesdays
  • Fridays
  • Saturdays
  • Sundays [General Training Op]

If you wish to get an introduction Sunday is the absolute perfect time to join in.

Depending on the availability of fights and the amount of players on Operations normally will run between one to three hours.

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