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Leader toljar (?)
Empire Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
Region Global
Server Connery
Tags/Abbreviations FIST
Website [1]
Stats IRONFIST Stats

Friendly, co-operative outfit based on sound strategy and strict regimentation.

Operation Nights (Op Nights) run Wednesday-Friday-Sunday around 7:30PM CST / 8:30 EST, but there are also EU op nights at 6:00 GMT most Thursdays.

We usually fill a platoon on Op Nights, and we run the following squads:

Alpha - Galaxy Drop Squad, these are our special operations. They drop in behind enemy lines, with no spawn point besides a beacon.

Bravo - Infantry Squad, these are the regular stock-troops that run Sundy caps on bases.

Charlie - Devilfish Armour Squad, these guys roll in tanks and ammo Sundys to support the main battle line.

Delta - Air Supremacy Squad, split into two groups: Liberator Bombing and Air Superiority. Pilots ride here.


1. We are TR. On Connery. Should've figured that out.

2. We use TEAMSPEAK! Apply at our website and a friendly admin (usually in-game) will send you the TS info. Hop into the correct group and chat away.

3. Respect the situation. There's no problem with cussing, but please be aware somebody online might have open speakers with kids around.

4. Minimum age requirement is 15. Few exceptions.

A Little Background


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