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Imperial Reach
Leader CliffAscent
Empire Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
Region Planetwide
Server Waterson
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Imperial Reach is a PlanetSide 2 outfit that uses a military structure to coordinate in large scale PvP domination. We use real life military tactics, translated for PlanetSide 2, to dominate all aspects of warfare. Our members are trained to fulfill specialized roles on the battlefield, and work together as a part of a well oiled machine.

Though we are a military structured outfit, we’re not a “military simulation” outfit. There is no “Yes Sir”, mundane tasks, or strict formalities to follow — we strive to maintain an environment of professionalism, honor and respect among all members. Our military structure is designed to enhance our forces for combat effectiveness. Imperial Reach always maintains an environment of like minded players and has a blast doing what we love most, conquering all that stand before us!


[edit] About Us

Imperial Reach is a military structured PlanetSide 2 outfit. The goal of our outfit is simple, to bring together mature, team oriented players and dominate. Our military structure is designed to train and organize our outfit and ensure battlefield success. We do not require any strict formalities or perform mundane tasks, we simply utilize the advantages that a military structure provides in PlanetSide 2. Imperial Reach members are mature, fun, hard working (both in-game and real life) team players. We do not waste time with cry baby’s, quitters, cheaters, drama queens, people who obsess over kills, loud mouths or any other form of obnoxiousness. When in combat with our PlanetSide 2 outfit, there are only two types of soldiers, those who lead and those who follow. Our leaders have proven themselves worthy of the rights and responsibilities of their rank through their knowledge, experience, contribution, and dedication to the outfit.

[edit] What We Offer


When you’re a member of Imperial Reach, you will be with individuals who share similar ideas and values, which will form into a brotherhood and long lasting friendships.


Our ranking and awards structure is engineered to recognize our members and their achievements. Members who put in the effort get a true sense of accomplishment unlike any other outfit.


Chaotic and random teams are a thing of the past! With our structure and training, all members are ready, willing and able to work together in a coordinated effort on the battlefield.


Our training courses and schools are designed to teach, train and even test our players to use proven and effect battlefield tactics.

Events and Prizes

Our events are held several times per month providing great entertainment, camaraderie and the opportunity to win great prizes.

Competitive Gaming

We provide members the opportunity to compete in organized and competitive gaming on many different levels.

Servers and Website

We are equipped with a top-notch TeamSpeak 3 server and website which are designed to provide a high level of organization and member activities.


When gaming with our PlanetSide 2 outfit, you can guarantee your entire team is with you in TeamSpeak and ready to coordinate their efforts. During large scale gaming, members are be broken down into several organized TeamSpeak channels, and have a Radio hot-key to communicate with the other channels. Leaders have another hot-key that speaks to the entire Channel Commander group.

[edit] Tactical Training

Imperial Reach and it’s members are constantly working on a wide range of training designed to demonstrate proper team play, develop strong combat fundamentals, and share game specific tips and tactics. Training is done through various instructional videos, and by constantly using the tactics learned when playing in-game. Formal training sessions are held on an as needed basis and for specialized qualification schools.

Training is categorized in courses and schools. Schools have a final test that is required to be passed to complete the school and courses do not — courses just require that you demonstrate an understanding of it’s contents. Here are a few of the courses and schools that Imperial Reach offers.

Basic Combat Training


The goal of Basic Combat Training is to teach players basic teamwork, battlefield awareness, weapon usage, team movement, combat fundamentals, tactics, and game specific tips to achieve battlefield victory.

Medic Course


The Medic course is designed to teach players the proper usage of the medic class and to share various tips and tactics to become a true combat medic.

Air Assault Course


Air assault is designed to teach players how to properly mount an air assault and to practice various air assault actions.

Armor Course


The Armor course teaches players how to properly utilize armored vehicles and to properly coordinate in a combined assault or defense against the enemy.

Sniper School


Sniper school teaches players how to become an expert sniper and tests the players sniping, reconnaissance and stealth skills.

Flight School


Flight school is designed to teach pilots how to properly utilize air vehicles, to share various tips and tactics and to test the pilots’ flying capabilities.

And much more...


Imperial Reach has more advanced training courses and schools, and is constantly expanding the training available to it’s members. Any and every member who participates in Imperial Reach training will have the opportunity to provide their input and expertise to help evolve our training process.

[edit] Award System

Imperial Reach uses an award system with a wide range of medals, badges and ribbons to recognize it’s members and their achievements. As a member of our PlanetSide 2 outfit, you get a true sense of accomplishment unlike any other outfit. All awards grant promotion points, which serve as one method to gain rank in Imperial Reach. Through the tracking of member achievements, we can ensure members of the higher ranks are worthy of the rights and responsibilities of their rank. Awards are granted for a wide range of accomplishments, to include time in the outfit, contributions to the outfit, completing training courses, earning achievements in game, website activity and much more.

Award Types:



Medals are broken down into a few categories, here they are in order of precedence; High Prestige medals are based on the US Army medals, are not related to any specific game, and the requirements are similar to the real life requirements. Outfit medals are related to specific contributions to the outfit, and are not related to any specific game. Game medals are awarded for in-game achievements, and are specific to each particular game. Site related medals are awarded for various contributions or achievements on our website and servers.



Badges are awarded primarily for completing training courses, but are also awarded for various other achievements, such as recruiting and competing in competitive matches.



Ribbons are awarded for progressive achievements, such as site activity, recruiting, donations, time in the outfit and more. Some examples are 25 Forum Posts, 50 Forum Posts, 100 Forum Posts, 1 month of Service, 3 months of Service, 6 months of Service, etc.

[edit] Rank Structure

Imperial Reach uses a chain of command based on the US Army rank structure in order to effectively communicate and coordinate our forces. When on the battlefield or in training, the chain of command is to be strictly followed without exception. It’s a soldiers job to execute the orders of their platoon leader, just as it is his job to execute the orders of the team commander. When outside of matches and training, the chain of command is still in effect, but we do try to maintain a friendly environment. There is no “power tripping” in Imperial Reach, we strive to create an environment of professionalism, honor and respect among all members.

In Imperial Reach the ranks Sergeant and above are not for veteran or senior members, they are a mark of responsibility within the outfit. As a Sergeant you will be assigned to either leading squads or assisting with recruitment, and if at any time you wish to be relieved of these responsibilities, your pre-leadership rank will be restored and another member will be promoted as needed. This is how we maintain a proper balance in our membership, and ensure we do not have “too many Chiefs and not enough Indians”.


The Imperial Reach rank structure is similar to the US Army’s, but the ranks are used slightly different. There are three main categories; Soldiers, NCO’s and Officers.



Soldiers are the primary fighting forces on the battlefield, the men and women who get the job done. Every position on the battlefield is designed to support the Soldiers, because in the end, it’s the Soldiers who get the job done! When joining Imperial Reach, just as with the military, you’re an infantryman first. It doesn’t matter if you’re becoming a pilot, medic, web designer or even a damn cook, everyone is a Soldier first!

Non-Commissioned Officers


Non-Commissioned Officers are the primary combat leaders and the backbone of the battlefield. When an officer gives a platoon or company an order, it’s the NCO’s who make things happen! The NCO’s will be right in the thick of the fight with the Soldiers, ensuring everyone is properly prepared and coordinated for the team to work as a whole.



Officers consist of the outfit leadership. Officer responsibilities consist of being the primary combat leaders for large teams, organize training sessions, organize events, administer the servers, and manage the outfit.

[edit] Promotion System

Members move up in the rank structure through merit, contribution to the outfit, time in the outfit, and promotion points. The primary means of gaining promotions points is to complete training courses, time in the outfit, contribution to the outfit and in-game achievements, which are primarily awarded in the form of medals, badges and ribbons. Certain ranks within the rank structure do have other requirements, such as completing specific training courses, Officer recommendations, specific roles within the organization, etc.

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