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Knights of Sovereignty (KoS)
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Knights of Sovereignty, commonly referred to as KoS, is a community of PS1 vets and is one of the oldest standing Planetside outfits. The community began as an outfit on Planetside's Konried server, and has since branched off into other games, but both the founding and heart of the organization has always been in Planetside.


[edit] History

[edit] Rules

KOS Rules *Orders*

·1. Rule #1: Have FUN and earn experience as best you see fit!

···1a. Real life comes first, don't forget your friends and family, they always come first!

·2. It is not required to join Outfit squads but is strongly encouraged.

···2a. Please note that participation in Outfit led squads will increase the chance of promotion.

·3. All KOS members have the authority to lead squads at their discretion and/or availability.

·4. While using the Forums or Team Speak please be courteous and refrain from using excessive profanity.

·5. Any careless and sustained TKing of VS is strictly prohibited and will be punished accordingly. Although every situation is different it is strongly discouraged.

·6. Kicking (removing) another KOS member from the Outfit is under no circumstance allowed. If a situation arises where possible removal is inevitable, another High Ranking member must be in agreement and inform other Ranking officials immediately.

···6a. All Inner Councelmen have the ability to promote and if necessary demote.

·7. The following criteria are evaluated when making promotions: Outfit points, CR, BR, Time served, Leadership/Initiative, and how well you get along with others.

The Current Model is as follows regarding Outfit Point:

0-1000 Enlisted 1000-2500 Sergeant 2500-5000 Lieutenant 5000-10000 Captain 10000-16000 and CR3, Colonel 16,000+ and CR4, based on IC discretion General Inner Council status is on a nominated basis.

·8. Members that are inactive for more than 30 days and have less than 1,000 Outfit Points will be removed from the roster. To extend this were now removing memebers 50 days innactive and less than 5,000 Outfit Points. This is important in maintaining accurate membership numbers.

·9. All KOS members must accept and follow the rules and guidelines stated in the "Planetside™ User Agreement". Any form of hacking or exploiting will not be tolerated as it is in violation of these terms.

[edit] Inner Council

IC stands for Inner Council. We are the ruling body for our outfit. We are the ones who make the rules and decide on the best direction for the outfit to proceed so that we can make this a fun gaming experience for everyone.

The Inner Council consists of:

Apollocreed, Ardant, BauckRogers, Beardedwonder, CaptCombat, DamagePlank, Decoy1, Gh0stwraith, Goblinhunter, Godzilla23, J17, Jaz1, Kroothound, Nola1, Oioio, Reaper9, Rezamalin, RonRich-K, SwapDawg, TauFireWarrior, TheMantra, TotalFrost, Wodka, Zandory.

[edit] How do we get Promoted

Promotion through the ranks is at the sole digression of the Inner Council Members for all ranks except Inner Council. Inner Council members are voted in by the current Council Members. Getting a promotion is not based solely on your statistics as it is done in many other outfits. We promote people based on any number of the following traits:

Battle Rank Command Rank Dedication to the Outfit Leadership Ability Outfit Points Regular Game Play Willingness to Lead Willingness to Follow

0-1000 Enlisted 1000-2500 Sergeant 2500-5000 Lieutenant 5000-10000 Captain 10000-16000 and CR3, Colonel 16,000+ and CR4, based on IC discretion General Inner Council status is on a nominated basis.

These are only a few of the items we look for.

Dedication to the outfit, team player qualities and leadership are some of the qualities the Council Members admire. We do not have hard and fast rules for promotion.

[edit] Demotions

Yes people can be demoted. There has not been any instance of this that I can remember but it can happen. Demotions would be decided on a case by case basis. Not being online for extended periods of time or only wanting to solo and not participating as part of the team. Being rude, belligerent or insulting to other members are also reasons.

[edit] Reasons for Membership Revocation

This game is supposed to be fun and as such we have not set up many rules so getting kicked out of the outfit should not be an easy thing to do but it does happen. A person can be kicked from the outfit for any one or combination of the following reasons:

TK’ing Excessive Profanity (this is a family game) Being insulting to others Being Slanderous to others due to race, colour, crede, religion, etc Failure to respond to an inquiry by an IC member.

Each case will be decided on a case by case basis but unless the situations are extreme a minimum of two Council Member will have to agree before anyone kicked from the outfit.

[edit] How to handle Team Killing

Ask the person why they did it. Sometimes they just don’t bother so say sorry. If their answer is not to your liking write down their name and outfit and give the information to an IC member and we will take it to their outfit leader or /REPORT them.

[edit] Mascot

Kenneth the Killer Poodle of Death

[edit] Recruiting

Anyone who holds the outfit rank of Colonel or above can invite new members to the outfit. Just ask over the outfit channel and someone will invite them for you.

[edit] See Also

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