Libertys Call

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Liberty's Call
Leader Blackhawk, Madveteran & Freedooom
Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Region Europe
Server Woodman
Tags/Abbreviations [LC]
Stats Libertys Call Stats

[edit] About

Liberty's Call is one of the outfits on the Conglomerate side of the endless war on the European server: Woodman.

Liberty's Call is a small outfit, compared to many of the other NC outfits on Woodman. Instead of trying to overwhelm the enemy by numbers, LC tries to play to it's strength, good coordination and tactics. As such LC makes uses of the out-of-game voice chat program Teamspeak 3, for which LC has a server at the Address that is used by LC during all official outfit operations, and most others as well.

Liberty's Call is a part of the New Conglomerate Headquarters Alliance, or NC HQ for short.

[edit] Recruitment

Liberty's Call is currently seeking new members.

  • Read the Rules and the Command Hierarchy
    • Before considering whether or not to join the Liberty's Call, please read the following Rules and Command Hierarchy texts, and make sure you feel comfortable in your ability to follow them before continuing.
  • Complete the forum Apply Check-list.
    • Enter the Liberty's Call forum and press the "Apply" button that is located below the top right icon row. This will present you with a short check-list on what need to be done, please follow it.
  • Fill in the Application.
    • Once you have complete all three points in the check-list, you can continue on to an Application Form. Please fill it out. Note that all your answers to your Application will be publicly available if you are accepted as a member.
  • Speak to a leading officer in Teamspeak 3
    • Once you are at this stage one of the leading officers must review your application. For this to happen you need to download and install Teamspeak 3 if you don't already have it.
    • Connect to the server and see if any of the following people are online: BlackHawk, MadVeteran or Freedooom. If any of them are available, they will have a little talk with you. If none of them are online at the server, please come back another time.

Depending on how the talk with the Officer was, and how you answered the Application from, you may or may not now be a member of Liberty's Call. If you are, congratulation, if you aren't, the Officer should have told you why.

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