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[edit] About NC HQ

NC HQ is a meeting place for outfit leaders. In true New Conglomerate Style, each outfit are their own entity. No 1 leader for all outfits, and everyone treated equally. The more you give to the Empire, the more you will earn yourself.

[edit] What We Do

We aim to improve in-game co-operation and communication, as well as develop strong friendships between outfits. We currently run joint-ops at sporadic intervals, but our aim for the future is fortnightly events.

[edit] How To Join

Information on how your Outfit can join the NC HQ can be found at the NC HQ forums.

[edit] Who Are We

Outfit Name Abbreviation Leader Website
151st Freedom Fighters FFS JTM151
1st Army Infantry Division 1AID Minibike
Charlie At six C6 C6Chus
Internet Superheroes INSU Knocks
Kiss My Gun KMG Sligg
Liberty's Call LC BlackHawk
FH Marauders FHM Mathew90
Path To Glory PTG Geordie
OverClock3D-AfterShocks Community OC3D CptBlobs
Rebel Rifles REBR Charlie
Smurf G0DS G0DS Tact
Squad of Twelve S12 Mkendrik
Tactical Gaming Europe TGHQ NetSlayer
Tactically Tipsy TaTi LordByte
The Immortals TEAM Araelen

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