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Merc logo.png
Leader Lepalose
Empire Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
Region North America
Server Connery
Tags/Abbreviations MERC

Part of The Terran Alliance (TTA)

Stats Mercenaries Stats

[edit] What is Mercenaries [MERC]?

Mercenaries is an organized, fast-moving, teamwork-oriented outfit focused on accomplishing strategic objectives utilizing a variety of squad-based tactics. Quite simply, we hold true to these ideals.

We are not a bunch of individuals that are fanatically interested in our personal e-statistics. All of our members are willing to sacrifice individual statistics for the operational objective.

We are competitive, both in our objective play and in our gun play. If you aren't playing at that level yet, don't worry, we'll help get you there. More than anything, we're a group of friends that enjoy playing PS2 and various other games together.

We have capable leaders that will manage squad compositions and actions, while deserving the respect of their members. The experience of our leaders and members allows us to adapt quickly to an unfolding situation, applying the right tactics at the right times. Many of our leaders also have extensive experience with the strategic elements in both Planetside 1 and 2, making them capable of accurately predicting battle flow and necessary force distribution. We know how to pick the hard fights that are good for us, and good for TR.

Coordinating with a variety of different outfits within The Terran Alliance, Mercenaries can be prepared at a moment's notice to spearhead with Airborne Infantry hot drops, defend against overwhelming forces, or pull combined arms for area suppression. Priority targets are the name of the game, and, when one beckons, we move with decisive force.

Founded in May of 2003 in Planetside 1, and reawoken in August 2012 in Planetside 2 Beta, Mercenaries maintains a long tradition of tactical excellence and high expectations. When the dirty deeds need doing, Mercenaries are the first to volunteer.

[edit] So who are we looking for and what are our expectations?

Mercenaries is seeking aggressive, competent, and mature players that perform well as a team. Though we may steadfastly refuse to communicate with the no-skill plebs in command channel, or anywhere outside the M3RC owned and operated TTA Teamspeak server, we assure you are not elitist, and only expect competence in listening to and following our orders and no-one else's. We are more than happy to build confidence in your gun play and squad-play skills, and continue to improve this for all of our members. Teamspeak usage when running with our platoon and forum registration is required for members, because if we use the same comm channels as the rest of TR we might get cooties.

Don't think your infantry abilities are up to snuff?

We are recruiting self-aware support players and hold training sessions when needed.

Are you an aggressive and competent pilot that is searching for an effective air wing to join?

We've been looking for you. Mercenaries hosts Scary Squad, Connery's premiere inter-faction, inter-outfit air group, as well as the TTA's weekly inter-outfit air wing. Not only have we been looking for a few good flyboys, but you've likely been looking for us, too.

Currently in an outfit whose only recurring tactic is to overwhelm the enemy with numbers? Looking to find a group who is interested in working as a cohesive unit to have fun?

Mercenaries will utilize and develop your skill to a degree you previously never believed was possible. You will contribute to fights as a valued member of an outfit that realizes that we are all stronger together, even at the squad level, than we ever could be apart. You will become a better player by playing with us.

If you are interested in joining or finding out more about Mercenaries, you can contact us in-game by sending tells to Lepalose, WarbirdTD, or Namlicnuoc. You can also check us out or apply at!".

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