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Neon Grind
Leader SabrinaSage
Empire Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
Server Connery
Tags/Abbreviations NE0N
Stats NEON GRIND Stats

Neon Grind is a gaming community with a focus on cooperation and coordination. We are highly active on the Connery server and currently run our main ops nights on Wednesday and Sunday at 9pm PST, along with other small groups throughout the week. We work with many other outfits on Connery, or even players who have no outfit, to provide leadership and organization, and further the cause of making TR Connery the best it can be.


[edit] Rules

1. Respect each other – we are a community of people with different gaming backgrounds built on a foundation of mutual respect. Internal conflicts and drama will be dealt with in a mature and civil way.

2. Respect your opponents – Disrespecting other players in game, on their forums or on any other medium while under the Neon Grind banner will resulit n severe consequences. There is a difference between being cocky and being an abusive bully.

3. Age limit – 18+ only.

4. Hacking/ cheating – Anybody who is proven beyond a doubt to be cheating will be expunged from all elements of neon grind and permanently banned. We will make their activities public so other communities can be aware of their play style.


To provide a service to every multiplayer gaming community, and to individuals seeking the perfect fit. The concept was a yellow pages for clans, guilds, teams, outfits, and interest groups. Sorting, filtering and listing an honest, short, accessible representation for the game community to the individual in a way that was efficient and very easy.

Finances and projections came into conflict, and the project was set aside for the sake of friendship.

The name neon grind still had a heart beat, a concept attached to it that would be the perfect fit for some people. That would succeed to becoming one of the largest, most influential gaming communities of our time, without losing sight of what is most important in gaming.


Drawing on our passion and personal experience, and researching the successes and failures of the longest standing, largest communities ever to exist, and some of the stranger niche communities, Dash, Aeso and Flick set to work on the foundational mud hut of what will one day become the reinforced steel skyscrapers of an empire. it was unanimous that the Neon Grind will uphold the highest integrity as a community and promote the best gameplay, influence the player base to knowing there is honor in gaming. We want to be the change we want to see in the Gaming World.

In early April, the domain was live with a fresh faced, young, naive community ready to take on the world and prove their way was the right way.

"Most timezones we will be active; we are Au, Dutch, American alike. NeonGrind is going to be the change we want to see in the online gaming community. NG values having fun and getting things done while respecting your fellow players and opponents and is accommodating to both casual and the most dedicated gamers alike. We seek to build a strong community of mature players; you must be over 16 to become a member, and over 18 to have a responsibility above member status. We are launching our recruiting season as of today, if you would like to know more visit, or join us on ts”

- Our first recruitment post April 2013

Through adaptation, hard decisions, passion, hard work and help from our skilled and strong member base Neon Grind had surpassed any obstacle encountered thus far.

[edit] RED SHIFT

The outfit name [NE0N] was the first to arise in Planetside 2 of early April 2013. With little experience and rushed knowledge of the game and the community, [NE0N] was fast to make friends and alliances but lacked the direction, organisation and implementation in it’s will to please it’s own potential player base. Over the course of several months the outfit swelled to over a hundred members and ran public squads almost every day, with an excellent community feel and some of the most skilled players the game has ever seen.

Through sheer determination, friendship and consistency was the outfit able to survive thus far. [NE0N] Leadership knew that we yearned to thrive - to make an impact on the faction and present the highest quality outfit to the player base. The goal was always in essence to "Have fun and get shit done”, to create our own content in a game that never ends and provide a strong, dominating social economy within one of the greatest game concepts the world has ever seen.


Ambition was never lacking in the outfit. We had many ideas and no real implementation, and focused on recruiting and consistency as our strongest efforts. The outfit leadership wanted to make a difference in a turbulent server, make an impact on individual players, other outfits and the larger community, promoting the concept that there is ‘honor in gaming’.

Adjusting the schedule, ranks, recruiting format and attempting to host training and ‘OPS’ [NE0N] as a whole is eager to achieve greatness - our ambition kept us going but little did we know how much we really didn’t know.


The Outfit was a comfortable group of friends always aspiring for something more, yearning for greatness. This aching hunger created an outfit comparable to a pile of dry kindling. A single spark, the intervention on November 11th, the outfit [NE0N] erupted into a frenzied and all consuming flame.

Every aspect was dismantled to give way to a new era for [NE0N]. The outfit had a direction and a focus - to becoming the most organised and fun outfits anyone could ever imagine. Leadership had presumed the member base would suffer slightly, that our previous approaches had bred the lower standards within our ranks, but this could not be further from fact.

In implementing our new standards for OPS, our new rank structures and other doctrines, every criticism and doubt was a reflection of the new confidence and renewed passion that washed over the existing member base. We became united in our direction for the outfit to achieve greatness. The outfit standards had never been higher, and yet our member base is swelling with new ensigns every week with our only focal points on training and outfit organisation doctrines.


To be continued...

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