Orbital Strike Force

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Orbital Strike Force
[[File:<img src:"orbs%2Bwallpaper.jpg"/>|300px]]
Leader NoOne846, Dextro, JungeaufMofa, Gustav1101
Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Region EU
Server Miller
Tags/Abbreviations ORBS
Website www.orbitalstrikeforce.com
Stats Orbital Strike Force Stats

Founded on January 11th, 2014 by the former Leadership of Smurf Gods and the 2nd SpecForce Pathfinders, the Orbital Strike Force represents a community of people with very different approaches to the game of Planetside 2.

These people build up in groups, represented by the 3 branches of the outfit. Combining these branches under one roof, in one community, cooperation and coordination between these is heavily encouraged.

The 3 branches are as follows:

Militia: Entry level, that is serves the all casual approach to the game, run on mostly random platoons. No entry requirements.

Army: Gives players the opportunity to operate within the actual community, based on our website and teamspeak. Tank and Air divisions can be organised here, same as semi-elite squads with higher entry requirements. Multiple kinds of trainings will also be offered to players part of this branch. Requirements are registering on the website and joining the teamspeak.

Rangers: The Rangers go all in on tactics and focus massively on teamplay. To join this branch, an application is needed, just as regular attendance to trainings and drills.

In addition to that, each branch has it's own leadership. But they work together closely to coordinate their forces and to adapt to any situation given.


The Orbital Strike Force works mostly with one open militia and one or more closed platoons. The militia platoon uses mass and brutal force to take over points and bases. The Army and Rangers platoons are more focused on tactics and they┬┤re more efficient in taking out targets and bases. They use TeamSpeak to coordinate. The separately squads have other roles so the one squad focuses on generators and others focus on point or other objectives.

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