Smurf Gods

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Smurf Gods
Leader Tact, Dutchman85, Askatasuna, NoOne846, JungeaufMofa Menohac, Orrk
Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Region Europe
Server Woodman
Tags/Abbreviations [GODS]
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Smurf Gods was founded by Tact in the early days of Planetside 2. It used to be one of the strongest outfits on the Woodman server, yet it had some ups and downs in their outfit history.

In July Tact, founder and father figure of the outfit, burned out and decided he had to move on.

Dutchman85 took over the heavy burden of leading such a huge community, but soon followed Tact's fate.

The following leader Askatasuna lead the outfit into a new age, deciding the outfit should not be lead by one single person anymore and founded the leader council of 7, that has lead the outfit until now.

Working their way up again until December 2013, the leadership of Smurf Gods, under head leadership of NoOne846, decided, that the outfit's foundation and basic structure was outdated, due to reduced amount of players joining the game and less people stepping up to leader positions.

So they decided to move on and put their ressources together with the leader of the 2nd SpecForce Pathfinders [SFPA]; Dextro.

When they finally finished work on the new outfit's foundation and structure they founded the outfit Orbital Strike Force on January 11th, 2014.

The outfit is now officially retired.

Some Facts:

- Smurf Gods was the largest NC outfit on the Woodman server and at its peek had ~6,300 members.

- It has been the only counterpart to KotV the server had.

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