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The Orion Arm Coalition is a special operations outfit set to start in PlanetSide 2. They are a group of like-minded and friendly gamers from all major gaming platforms. They are mainly a casual outfit but will adhere to a strict chain-of-command structure in-game. Their organizational structure is military-based and they will be a part of ULTRA.


[edit] Member List


Boundless Pixel




El3ment Black (Drill Sergeant)






More to come soon.

[edit] The Marine Corps

The outfit's main assault force will be the Marine Corps. This elite unit will be trained in all forms of special operations, including Galaxy drops, night ops, and covert/force reconnaisance. Squad sizes will vary depending on final ingame squad size, with at least one Light Assault, Engineer, Combat Medic, and Heavy Assault. For the moment, each squad will have a dedicated Galaxy pilot until our member count rises. Teamwork is an absolute must in this division, so lone wolves are discouraged from joining. Once you join, you will be allowed to choose your specialization in the outfit. This will allow us to quickly and easily place you in a squad. Our goal with the Marine Corps is to be able to do with a single combat team what takes other outfits several platoons, and hit our enemies hard before they even realize we were even there.

[edit] Planned Divisions

  • Armored Division
  • Dedicated Air Force
  • Dedicated MAX Corps

[edit] Recruitment

The Orion Arm Coalition is open to players of all ages, though a certain amount of maturity is required. All recruits will be interviewed by the outfit's Joint Council and get to know their fellow clanmates before arbitration on their induction is confirmed.

[edit] Requirements

  • Must be active most of the week (2-3 day weekdays, Fridays and Saturdays).
  • Must be willing to FOLLOW ORDERS.
  • Must be mature.
  • Must keep team killing to an absolute minimum. Team killing is against ULTRA rules and will result in disciplinary action.
  • Must have some form of communicating with other outfit members (mic is preferable).

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