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At its closing, ULTRA Alliance consisted of the following Member Outfits (in order of Date Joined): Black Widow Company (BWC), Dangerous Operations Group (DOG), The Wolverines (WOLV), Shadow Assassins (SA), Liter O' Cola (LOC), StormTroop (STTR), E911 (E911), 1st Terran Rangers (1TR), 903rd Marauders (903), O FORCE (O4RC), 187th Wasteland Warrior (187W), Z Company (ZC), 9th Eisa Combined Forces (9ECF), Pax Concordia (PAX), Bastard Battalion (BBAT), 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment (11AC), Original Gamer (OTRG), and Validus Gamers (VG). Between us we had over 3000 highly trained Terran forces at our disposal.

ULTRA (“United League of Terran Republic Alliances”) was created as an alliance for the Terran Republic Outfits on the Emerald server in the original Planetside MMO-FPS. The name was chosen to acknowledge and honour the various alliances that merged together when Konreid and Emerald servers merged. At its greatest point, ULTRA was comprised of nearly 20 outfits, many of them under 100 active members. Upon the release of Planetside 2, a core of veteran Outfits decided to hoist the ULTRA banner once again on Mattherson, and bring glory to the Republic.

As of September 14th, 2013 ULTRA has closed its doors in favor of less formal organization.


[edit] History

ULTRA was initially created in Planetside 1 to augment the effectiveness of individual outfits by increasing the number of organized, coordinated troops in battle, while maintaining the autonomy and history of each member outfit, allowing for maximum impact with medium to small sized outfits.

The Alliance was named first to have a "cool-oh" nickname and second (but more important) acknowledge and honour the various alliances that merged together when Konreid and Emerald servers merged. The biggest components were Terran Republic Alliance: Konreid (TRAK), Emerald Alliance, and Terran Republic Alliance: Emerald. ULTRA was and is managed by a council consisting of outfit leaders and their Executive Officers (or a duly appointed representatives).

The release of Planetside 2 had once again caused the ULTRA Alliance to form and fight.

[edit] Creed

Planetside 2 requires great numbers to be effective. Most outfits don't field this many people on their own, usually by choice. Many feel that the only true way to coordinate on a large scale is to assimilate smaller outfits into larger ones. ULTRA was created to increase the effectiveness of small to medium sized outfits through teamwork and cooperation while maintaining outfit sovereignty, autonomy, and history.

For ULTRA to succeed, all of its members must be of like mind and similar goal. To this end we have agreed, as a group, to the following principles:

  1. No TKing. Provoked or for fun with a squadmate, neither is acceptable.
  2. Informal, not a rule-bound organization. Anything which may arise will be dealt with at that time.
  3. While defense is considered paramount, ULTRA feels that the best defense is an aggressive offense and therefore will act accordingly in planning its daily operations.
  4. Squad/Platoon Leader unity in terms of Leader Chat and Orders.
  5. Most important HAVE FUN!

[edit] Leadership

No single person or outfit leads ULTRA. It is managed by a council consisting of Member Outfit Leaders and their Executive Officers (or a duly appointed representative). Every Outfit has equal vote and voice, regardless of size. Our view is that it is not the size of the Outfit that matters, but how it is used.

[edit] Joining ULTRA

Outfit Leaders need to post their request for membership on the forum under “Request Access”. The required information is as follows:

  • Outfit Name and [TAG]:
  • XOs (if any):
  • Size:
  • Specialties/Focus:
  • Any Additional Considerable Information:

[edit] Expectations

[edit] What can your Outfit expect from ULTRA?

  • ULTRA provides a community Website for discussions, operations and alliance business.
  • ULTRA provides manpower. You will have access to many like-minded outfits with which to coordinate or join up with in squad or platoon.
  • ULTRA provides all member Outfits an opportunity to be part of an extended family, while still maintaining your own Outfit's history and uniqueness.
  • Friendship. ULTRA provides an opportunity to expand your sphere of friends and comrades, without negatively impacting your current ties.
  • Possibilities. With ULTRA - We can make a difference. We have the ability to sway the outcome of battles and make a large impact on Auraxis.

[edit] What does ULTRA expect from your Outfit?

  1. Dedication, commitment, and loyalty.
  2. Coordination. While we're each free to do our own thing, we all joined ULTRA for a reason - to coordinate with each other. If you always want to go out alone, there's no reason to be a part of ULTRA.
  3. Positive attitude. Negativity is not effective and has no place here.
  4. Agree to, and abide by, our policies and guidelines.
  5. Attend Council meetings, posted in the forums. At least one representative from each outfit is expected to attend, though any outfit designated representative(s) may attend.

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