Planet Express Crew

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Planet Express Crew
Leader FlexoRodriguez
Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Server Waterson
Stats Planet Express Crew Stats

Planet Express Crew [PXP]

Playing on Waterson? Well then Join PXP! Planet Express Crew is a medium sized outfit geared toward having fun and kicking ass.

 - We have some great players like STLYoungblood.  
 - We have great leaders that will not be yelling at you like an Army General wannabee.
 - We do not run as a zerg. We'll take you away from the zergs and get you in the action.
 - We play honorably and respect other outfits (unlike some of the largest outfits on Waterson).
 - We don't have military ranks, probationary periods to join, or other bullshit.
 - We have a 100+ user Mumble server for clear voice communications.
 - Mature and friendly members. You'll make actual friends in our outfit.
 - We help with faction objectives / Alerts (as long as we're still having fun at it).

The easiest way to join is to join our Mumble server and ask for a leader to add you. Just go to and use the Join Mumble link to auto connect (or to download Mumble).

Or you can hit up FlexoRodriguez in the game for an invite.

Even if you don't play NC often, we'll welcome you. I think you'll very likely get hooked on our better attitude and our fun-oriented outfit experience.
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