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Praetorian Guard
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Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Server Connery
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[edit] Who are we?

Praetorian Guard has been resecuring and capturing bases for the New Conglomerate since 2006. We are a mobile infantry based unit, we roll in vehicles and galaxies, using coordinated movements to hit the enemy in force and press our advantage. We are recruiting for Planetside 2 as well as our still active outfit in Planetside 1. Our requirements are that you be 18 or older, able to use voice coms to listen (currently Mumble), and follow the squad/platoon when running operations. Requirements aside, we are open to anyone, but we're not for everyone.

[edit] Our MI Doctrine

As mentioned above moving fast to get to a target is something we do often. But it's not what we prefer. Our ability to enter the battlefield as actual infantry, and work in conjunction with minor air and/or armor support is where our strength lies. More often than not when we have gone into a battlefield with two squads to a platoon we can and have fully repelled enemy infantry, armor, and sometimes even air advances from the ground. This is because everyone in PG is a Rifleman first. As long as we have ammo and a little vehicular support, the rest of the platoon can use it's Gauss + AV combination to outmaneuver and repel, or even advance against, an entire empire throwing its forces against us. Where typically, friendly armor escorts friendly infantry, we as Mobile Infantry end up escorting friendly armor. Where infantry try to suppress a base wall, we go in and take that wall. When everyone else is running around trying to score kills and completely ignoring the objective, we move through them and take those objectives. We are an island of destructive order a midst the chaos of the battlefield.

[edit] What to Expect

Squad designation aside, you're a member, not a number. While numbers do help in many strategic circumstances, we want members of quality not just a quantity of members. Your skill as an individual can be completely poor, and we'll still accept you and train you if you're open to it and can work to make yourself a better teammate. Looking to PS2, while we may not know the exact mechanics, expect to get some early required certs, but after those you're pretty much free to cert however your preferred play-style demands.

While the above may seem pretty lax, we're not an outfit for the feint of heart. Our turnover can get pretty high. If you do something stupid, expect to get chewed out. If you want to do your own thing all the time, expect the boot. Conversely, if you perform admirably, expect props. We have a ranking structure which we (more or less depending on the day) follow. Some days people can put in their suggestions about what to do and just talk smack etc. Others we expect you to shutup and follow orders. Moving fast and keeping up makes a big impact on how you're viewed by the Officers.

With that said, we are completely open to people who want to strut their stuff. If you think you can lead, and no other ops are being run, feel free to try and start your own ops. If you want to learn, we'll help you out. Public or private we'll answer your questions if you have them and get you moving as a valued, and hopefully lifelong, member of the Mobile Infantry.

[edit] Media

[edit] Streams

[edit] Videos

If you want to view videos of our maneuvers,you can find us on YouTube at:

[edit] Notable Mentions

  • PG makes a headline with the Auraxian News Network, June 2010: [1]
  • Matt Higby gives Praetorian Guard a shout-out at SOE Live 2012: [2]
  • PG gets a spot in a Reachcast Podcast 10/23/12 @ 49min: [3]

[edit] Pictures

[edit] Officers

Feel free to contact any of our leaders in game if you wish to apply to the outfit. Afflictive EvilD Hosp MuNrOe NEOANGELO PGxKaRION Thannis

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