Red Corsairs

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Red Corsairs
Leader Fateweaverx
Empire Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
Server Emerald
Tags/Abbreviations RCOR
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The Red Corsairs (RCOR) is primarily an Outfit that specializes in Armored combat. They are best known for using shock tactics in order to overwhelm their enemies.

[edit] History

Being a relatively young outfit there has not been many notable events. It was formed by 20 people with Fateweaverx being its Leader. The names of these 20 founders in no particular order are as followed: Fateweaverx, MajorMegadeath, Karumac, Warthog155, CantShootYou, Topsmoker, Prekur, Bubbleeey, KoreanUsher, Rampugj, Ingredients, EchoCrimson, TreeLimeFrog, Noobular, squiremarcus, RoosterSix, JRichards, Hesterios, Macdaddi, and Christmann.

[edit] Notable Members

Fateweaverx leads his loyal soldiers in battles across Auraxis inorder to stem the tides of the New Conglomerate and Vanu Sovereignty.

EchoCrimson leads small raids in Hossin.

The bombastic Hesterios leads the soldiers in Fateweaverx's stead

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