Republic Marines

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Republic Marines
Leader Devastator
Empire Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
Region North/South America/Europe
Server Emerald
Stats Republic Marines Stats

[edit] About Us

Republic Marines, or RMAR, is a medium-sized outfit on Waterson devoted to bringing higher-caliber soldiers to the fight. Specializing in almost everything we do, shock infantry and heavy armor is what we do best. We are a part of the top 5% of all outfits in Planetside 2, and our average soldier is battle rank 81, statistics we hold with pride. We believe that combat experience is the best measure of you as a soldier, and we do recruit by rank. All soldiers applying must be battle rank 60 to join, but not being there doesn't mean we'll count you out. We enforce a code of conduct vigorously, as we believe respect should be given to all regardless. If you want to join or are interested in learning more, contact any RMAR member and they will direct you to the nearest leader.

[edit] History

We first started the game with over 500 members as a part of the Terran Shock Infantry. After that crashed and burned, we made like the phoenix and remade ourselves. Our new outfit was remade to take in the best we had from Shock Infantry and start again new. Today, many of these veterans are executives and PR representatives. After that day RMAR was made, the leader, Devastator, vowed to never make the same mistakes he did in Shock Infantry and promised to recreate himself and their outfits image.

[edit] Leadership

The leaders are human. They do not mindlessly ignore members like machines, but at the same time, they have business to do. The voice of the members is the most powerful force for change, something that has been responded to numerous times.

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