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(SOL) Navy
Leader Pyldrvr & Valen
Empire Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
Region Mixed
Server Connery
Tags/Abbreviations solnavy, SN, (SOL) Navy, Solrain

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(SOL) Navy had it’s official beginnings in the game Jumpgate (circa 2001) as a crew of Solrain pilots wreaking havoc in the name of their empire. The core of the clan was formed, and through a multitude of other titles such as MoH, WWIIO, and Planetside its roster of die-hards and lunatics has grown, gleaning new loyalists from around the globe with one goal in mind… Greed and Glory!


[edit] History

In the era of Jumpgate, a small group of Solrain pilots took great strides to push the agenda of the empire, perhaps more-so than was required of them. Much to the surprise of many they gathered loyalists seeking fame and fortune laying waste to one star fighter after the next. Some of those loyalists were even past enemies who's reasons for joining fluctuated from admiration to utter loathing.

The group styled themselves the unofficial Navy of the Solrain fleet, and (SOL) Navy was born. As the epic space battles faded into infamy, the fleet moved to broaden their scope and the Clan was formed. Carrying on the legacy of fun, mayhem, and glory into many other titles, their sites eventually fell on Auraxis. Planetside 1 heralded a whole new era of SN as they gathered a new following from across the globe. Ever the same the group carried out its SpecOps style of play to give hell to the Vanu and NC rebels.

Fast forward and through a few more years of gaming, and once again the battle cry for 'Greed and Glory' has gone out. Planetside 2 has brought many new names into the fold as the clan has renewed its vision of a planet under the order and discipline of the Terran Republic's might.

[edit] Structure

Outfit structure follows (SOL) Navy's tried and true standard used in all games. Leadership is headed by Pyldrvr and Valen jointly with a grouping of Captains to help flesh out leadership duties. Confident in their own measure, the leadership still defers to one another and rarely finds issue on decisions made. On the rare occasion they do, it usually gets settled on the battlefield with a humorous (and bloody) conclusion.

[edit] Modus Operandi

Each member is encouraged to persue his or her own path, lending to that members enjoyability of the Outfit and increasing longevity. What this produces is an outfit that is very fluid and versatile. While some prefer to specialize in one or more fields, it expands the resources to which they can draw from in a pinch.

As for style, SN adheres to a primary focus on Spec Ops style gameplay. Occasionally piggy-backing the TR 'zerg' they prefer to supplement the efforts of the TR at large with strikes to facilities on the periphery or attacking the support lines to the main NC and Vanu defenses.

These efforts are open for other TR to join, and SN will not hesitate to assist a surge to further the Republic's authority on Auraxis, but SN does not kowtow to any particular faction within the TR itself.

[edit] Code Of Conduct

Respect is earned among the ranks of SN and loyalty are persistence and prized traits, more so than pure skill.

The official rules are simple:

  • Act mature, even when trash talking (i.e., don't be a douche).
  • Mandatory use of Teamspeak.
  • Be comfortable working outside the box.

Due to the nature of conversation and expectations, members under the age of 16 are rarely if ever permitted.

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