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Leader Impaler, Parasite, Syphonicyde
Empire Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
Region North America
Server Classified

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Sabotage is a Terran Republic outfit with members primarily located on the west coast of North America. A number of its constituents are veterans of the original PlanetSide, where they formed the nucleus of the Crimson Legion of Markov.

Sabotage is an active unit of The Terran Alliance.


[edit] History

The Crimson Legion will return to Auraxis in PlanetSide 2 under the name Sabotage. Due to likely change in the majority of the outfit membership, the leadership council has decided to adopt a new name.

Crimson's sister outfit, the Tunnel Ratz, will also be returning in its own capacity. Notable members from PS1 include AhmedShahMasood, 18DELTA5326, Shelby, Bladesoldier, AFLthrasher235, Slyxx, Illicit, & XRatedKnight.

[edit] Crimson Legion

The Crimson Legion was formed in January of 2004 on the Markov server following a member split from KoCV. During it's independent tenure, CL specialized in vehicles & armor support and numerous small scale operations. Crimson's leadership council was constructed of one outfit leader, one subcommander, and a group of 3-5 recruiters and officers.

The outfit was active for a year and a half prior to its merger with the Tunnel Ratz in May 2005. Both CL and its successor were an active member of the Terran Alliance of Markov. The merged outfit remains today on the Gemini server, led by AhmedShahMasood.

[edit] Personnel

  • Founders: dammitBoy, Lariat, LattaTude, Parasite02, Scarbear, TheImpaler, Whedget, Whidget, zer0hour
  • Outfit Leaders: Parasite02 (Jan - Jul '04), TheImpaler (Aug '04 - May '05)
  • Subcommanders: LattaTude (Jan - Jun '04), TheImpaler (Jun - Jul '04), Syphonicyde (Aug '04 - May '05)
  • Veteran Members: ReapersFist, LadyOne, PhelanWard, Sylvannas, Syphonicyde, xxJboxx
  • CR5s: Parasite02 (Mar '04), LattaTude (May '04), TheImpaler (Jul '04), Syphonicyde (Sep '04), LadyOne (Apr '05)

[edit] Affiliations

  • Sister Outfit: Tunnel Ratz
  • Alliance: Terran Alliance of Markov (Cosmocratories, FEAR, Mercenaries, Obsidian Empire, USKTA, USA)
  • Notable Allies: Aftiel, Chevyman, iMartyr, McDee, Namlicnuoc, TheRedx
  • Nemeses: The Final Stand (VS)

[edit] Recruitment

Sabotage is primarily a family/friends outfit and does not heavily recruit. However, we are not opposed to general recruitment, and are happy to bring on players that impress us with their capabilities.

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