The Terran Alliance

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The Terran Alliance
TTA logo small.png
Motto: "Organized Action Unleashed"
Empire: Terran Republic
Tags/Abbreviations: TTA

The Terran Alliance is a Terran Republic alliance based in North America. The alliance was established in July 2003 on the Markov server during the first PlanetSide.

The alliance is currently rebuilding for PlanetSide 2.

[edit] Member Outfits

The following outfits have confirmed membership for PlanetSide 2.

Outfit Name Abbreviation Outfit Representative Date of Membership Website
Black Beret Spec Ops BBSO 1ShotWonder 3/05 [1]
Brotherhood of the Wolf BoW Wodan 2/04 [2]
KDL - Pyro 2/05 [3]
Mercenaries Mercs Lepalose 8/03
Obsidian Empire oE BiocYte 9/03 [4]
Putting The Damage On PTDO Nemesiis - [5]
Sabotage - Impaler 1/04
The Disturbed Ones TDO NetStalker - [6]
United Soldiers of Auraxis USA Chevyman 6/04 [7]
USKTA - Fritts 7/03 (Founder)
VexX Gaming VexX Ten4 2/04 [8]
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