Sons of Enlightenment

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Sons of Enlightenment
Empire Logo vs.pngVanu Sovereignty
Server Emerald
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Sons of Enlightenment plays on Planetside 2 server VS Emerald. We pretty much goof off and have fun. If you want a laid back group to play with, join us!


[edit] Playstyle

We exist in the form of a flash club. We're like a motorcycle club... only with flashes. When we play, we like to mix it up. With that said, our playstyle varies. Sometime we coordinate tactics, and other times we teabag our fallen foes while telling witty "that's what she said" jokes. We are kind of ridiculous, but we have a blast!

[edit] Leadership Council

Sons of Enlightenment is lead by an authoritarian council:

  • PRESIDENT: Psychlept
  • VICE PRESIDENT: Mindfang
  • SGT. AT ARMS: DevilishDiablo

Their word is law, and is to be obeyed at all times. No exceptions.

[edit] Recruitment

When you first join SoEn, you will be a prospect. As a prospect, you do the peon work. You will do whatever you are told to do by any leader or member (within reason.) After one month of putting up with our shenanigans, you will be promoted to member. As a member, you are viewed as an equal, and are officially a respected member of SoEn. From that moment forth, you will be treated as a brother (or sister.)

[edit] Rules

  • Have fun.
  • Don't be a jerk.
  • Obey the Council
  • Do not kill anyone in SoEn (including prospects.) Team-killing members of the sovereignty who are not in SoEn is permitted, however SoEn is not responsible for any blowback for such actions.
    • Violation of these rules will result in excommunication. Vanu be with you.

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