Sons of Odin Gaming

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Sons of Odin Gaming
Leader Tiskahar
Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Region North America
Server Connery
Tags/Abbreviations ODIN
Stats Sons of Odin Gaming Stats

The Sons of Odin are a group of like-minded gamers who get enjoyment out of running successful operations and sharing a bond of deep camaraderie. While the Sons of Odin are not elitist or exclusive, we are picky and only choose members who are of the highest quality. Our standards do not elicit us to seek out those who have the highest scores or the best records but, instead, those who have the ability to use teamwork and learn winning strategies and tactics.

With a proven record of success in multi-player gaming of all types and genres the combined leadership of Sons of Odin has been active in nearly every large multi-player game in the last 20 years and brings years of military, police and special tactics experience to the table, training members in both real-world tactics and modified “game” tactics which are tailored to gaming environments and situations. This, coupled with solid, honest, hard working members who work toward the advancement of the group, rather than personal glory, ensures that the Sons of Odin, while never the biggest, will always be among the most successful.

The Sons of Odin hold all of their members to a high standard of conduct, as well. Members are expected to always comply with rules and terms of use and any form of cheating, exploiting or griefing is firmly and utterly forbidden. Members are expected to treat all other players with the utmost respect and courtesy at all times, ensuring that the Sons of Odin are also held in the highest regard by others. Wherever we go, we will be known and respected by everyone for our sense of fair play and willingness to help others.

PlanetSide Universe
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