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Leader PyrettaBlaze
Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Region Global (NA/EU)
Server Emerald
Tags/Abbreviations SG, SGHQ, Sturm
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Sturmgrenadier is a Planetside 2 outfit and gaming organization dedicated to the ideals of teamwork and the spirit of camaraderie. Sturmgrenadier's origins began in 1998, and the outfit became a major force in both Planetside 1 and 2. SG developed a reputation for being one of the best Planetside outfits focused on large-scale, combined arms operations and was a cornerstone outfit of the New Conglomerate Alliance (NCA) on Emerald. SG members are located around the world, currently totaling over 600, and play in a wide variety of online games.


[edit] The Sturmgrenadier Philosophy

Sturmgrenadier's approach to combat is to secure our borders and move the map, using whatever numbers and tactics we can to try to make the difference in our engagements. Air drops, armor columns, infantry tactics, stealth, base building... whatever the situation calls for, we're prepared to earn our bonus checks by tackling it.

We are a mature outfit (18+) that runs comms on our Discord server, and frequently have mentor squads running to support our operations, especailly during our Friday Night Ops.

We'd like you to come check us out in game. Look for us most evenings; If you join the squad, make sure to speak up so whoever is present can introduce themselves.

If you would like to know more, check us out at Click the big Discord button on the front page to join our server!

[edit] The Charter & Code of Conduct

The purpose of the Sturmgrenadier Charter is to provide all members of Sturmgrenadier with a clear, in-depth explanation of Sturmgrenadier rules and policies. Upon joining Sturmgrenadier, members acknowledge and agree to operate within the bounds set forth by The Charter. The Charter encompasses the operations of both the normal member and the Command member. Sturmgrenadier Syndicate Command reserves the right to alter and/or change The Charter at any time; members are expected to always be familiar with the basic tenets of The Charter.

Sturmgrenadier Charter

Each gaming portal within Sturmgrenadier may expand upon The Charter and include directives and actions above and beyond the overall syndicate charter.

Some things to note:

  • SG does not:
    • Require any kind of "testing" of your gaming skills.
    • Require any kind of "subservient" behavior of new players.
    • "game the game", hack, or otherwise cheat.
  • SG does:
    • Require members to play with the outfit as as team.
    • Follow orders that are given.
    • Require members to be in Discord when playing.
      • Obey Discord rules.
    • Require members to be respectful of players, in and out of the game (ie in forums)
      • Note: this means players from all factions.

The Charter gets attention from game developers and publishers; Sturmgrenadier and its members offer a stable, dependable community made up of mature and respectful gamers. Because of this, developers and publishers regularly draw members from Sturmgrenadier for beta tests and other exercises.

[edit] History

Before 2000

In the early days of online gaming, Novalogic produced a game called Delta Force. At that time, a team called Paradox Insurgent Force, aka PIF, was a premier name in the community. A small tightknit group of players made up this team and, for 4 years, was one of the top squads in the game. That team consisted of such notable players as Spoon, Pan, Scorp, and OJ. The days of Delta Force eventually faded and the squad disbanded in the wake of a new online gaming experience.

A company named Cornered Rat Software was 2 years into development of a massive multiplayer online first person shooter simulation based around the World War II era – World War II Online. Pan, Scorp, and Spoon followed the game for almost a year before first beta was ever released. During that time of waiting, those 3 friends had built a website and recruited more than 100+ players from the old Delta Force community in anticipation of a huge release.

World War II Online

From those early days of WWIIOL beta testing, Sturmgrenadier was born, with a name owing to the German faction of the WWIIOL universe. Over time Sturmgrenadier (SG) grew to have several hundred members and specialized in combined arms warfare. World War II Online imbued the SG play style with a strong sense of cooperation and team work; in the game play of WWIIOL, and individual player was highly ineffective. Teamwork and squad-based leadership was necessary to achieve anything, and this ethic is still at the core of Sturmgrenadier today.


Sturmgrenadier continued to grow and expanded to other games over time, including America's Army. Starting in 2002, Sturmgrenadier began to participate in beta activities for the first Planetside game and when the game launched in 2003, SG began playing on the Emerald server. SG recruited heavily, and built a strong fighting force of players known for combined arms assaults and creative strategies. Sturmgrenadier gained a reputation for daring assaults and an objective-oriented play style focused on moving the line of battle. They developed a leadership style center around squads and squad leaders working together to accomplish battlefield objectives. Sturmgrenadier also developed a reputation for professionalism, a level-headed demeanor, and an online presence free of the slander and name-calling typical of competitive internet communities.

Mid 2000s: Further Development, The Charter & Beyond

As time passed, Sturmgrenadier grew and expanded into other games. Each new expansion into a new game came to be known as a 'Portal', complete with unique command staff, forums, and operational charter. It was during the creation of Portals that Sturmgrenadier produced its most important guiding document, the Sturmgrenadier Charter. The Charter is the all-encompassing constitution of Sturmgrenadier. The charter creates a set of rules that every SG member, from new recruits to the most senior leaders, abide by while a member of Sturmgrenadier.

While the Charter does not endeavor to have an answer for every question about conduct and operations in SG, it has been found to be surprisingly relevant in most every situation that Sturmgrenadier and its members have come across. Sturmgrenadier’s strict adherence to the Charter has had the effect of creating a comfortable place for gamers, free of the nuisances, troubles, and drama often found within many other online communities. In the case of any problems, the Charter provides the guidance that every staff member and member goes by.

USA Today Interview

The respectful and mature attitude exhibited by the Sturmgrenadier community in online gaming even led to an article in USA Today featuring one of the Sturmgrenadier founders. (USA Today Article June 23,2003)

[edit] Media

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[edit] Maxim of Many - Credence of One

In the early days of Planetside, Sturmgrenadier members produced a 4 part miniseries titled "Maxim of Many - Credence of One". The series chronicles the adventures of a group of New Conglomerate soldiers who have been sent on a dangerous mission...

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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