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Test Outfit


Leader (5/20/03 - 8/6/12)Tigerbot

(8/6/12 - 2/16/15) RoyAwesome

(2/17/15 - ) X207Blitz

Empire Vanu
Region East Coast
Server Emerald
Tags/Abbreviations TEST
Website http://www.reddit.com/r/TestOutfit/
Stats Test Outfit Please Ignore Stats

[edit] Recruitment

Official Outfit of Reddit.Com/R/Planetside, our official forums are at Reddit.Com/R/TESTOUTFIT. We use TeamSpeak as our primary and official means of communication for in game action. Within TEST we have different groups focused on Air, Armor and Tactical infantry play; however, this does not mean we are hardcore 100% of the time. In addition to Planetside we have a variety of other games played by many of our members including ARMA 3, H1Z1 and Minecraft. Regular events are hosted by current members, we offer training in most game aspects including new player orientation and basic instruction on infantry, armor and air play within the game. You are not required to participate in our events/squads but are encouraged to. Welcome to TEST!

[edit] Requirements

- Discord

-Planetside 2

-Reddit account

[edit] Events

Once a member of our steam group, you will get a Steam notification informing you of the start of an event. There is also a schedule on the outfit's Steam group page.

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