The Dread Legion

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The Dread Legion
Leader OdinsPride and Coolkid69
Empire Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
Server Connery
Tags/Abbreviations [DL3G]
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We specialize in tactics, teamwork, and community.

If you want an outfit that worries about their K/D, we are not for you.

If you want an outfit that throws bodies at a problem, we are not for you.

If you want an outfit that is there to goof off and pretend to care, we are not for you.

If you want an outfit where every member of your team supports each other, The Dread Legion is for you.

If you want an outfit that uses their heads as well as their guns, The Dread Legion is for you.

If you want an outfit that has an active community, and always striving to better itself, The Dread Legion is for you.

Check out our codex to see what running with the Legion is all about!

The Dread Legion

What this Unit is About

1) Teamwork - working together to accomplish what pubs can't

2) Speed - Fast mobilization and deployment will be a key component of this unit.

3) Adaptability - The ability to adjust to situations so we are not pounding our heads against the wall.


Membership is given to players who fit the criteria and when outfit command agrees they will be an asset to the group. Membership can be denied or revoked for any reason at anytime by outfit command

1) Microphone - In order to have an effective team we need fast communications. Without a mic a player has to rely on text chat, which will not work for this unit for obvious reasons. If you don’t have a microphone you must show you are able to follow verbal commands. Officer ranks will require a microphone.

2) Game Knowledge - We are not looking to make fresh recruits into crack soldiers. This unit is looking for players who have a solid grasp of how Planetside 2 works already. This is because we plan to start with more advance tactics and will only touch up on the basics.

Expectations and Standards

To remain a member of this unit members must uphold these expectations and standards.

1) Team player - Staying with your squad and working with them to accomplish an objective. Picking a class/loadout that helps the squad. Lone wolves will not be tolerated when this squad is running.

2) Communication Skills - Knowing when using your mic is appropriate and not. How to properly call out hostiles. We will be going over the guidelines for these and members are expected to remember.

3) Participation - As a member you are expected to participate with the outfit during ops, practices, and on the forum. We know people have lives and it's a game so 100% participation is not required.

Code of Conduct

Members of this outfit are expected to follow this code of conduct. If you wear our tag you represent the outfit, your actions reflect on all of us.

1) Racism, Bigotry, or Hate speech will not be tolerated. Insulting NC or VS for being blue and purple is fine, calling someone a f****t or n****r is not.

2) Team Killing on purpose is not acceptable. Revenge killing is not acceptable. TKing on accident too much will lead to consequences other than a weapons lock.

3) Trolling, being a dick, and ass hattery to the extreme is not allowed.


You are an initiate until you prove that you deserve to be promoted to a full member.

The promotion process is based on a peer review nomination process. High command will keep an eye out and discuss promotions during command meetings. This will ensure that there is really no way that someone gets promoted who doesn’t deserve it.


Trial rank to establish that a player can follow the rules and regulations of the outfit

Show up to practice sessions and display interest in community

Requirements and Responsibilities

Agree to abide by the terms and protocols of the outfit Join outfit platoon when it is running Must display a level of maturity that enhances the gameplay experience Must be at least 18 years or olderFollow orders Stay with your squad Play the objectives


Full time members.

Maintain active participation in the outfit

Must be a member on the website and have an accepted application


Must make a noticeable positive impact at the squad level Demonstrate the ability to adhere to all Initiate level Responsibilities Recruitment


The first officer rank. Is a link between the outfit and high command. Duties are to help manage the community while high command is not on and bring concerns or problems within the outfit to high command.


Must be active and have a positive impact at the platoon level Must be able to perform all previous rank’s duties and responsibilities Demonstrated the ability to lead squad or platoon Regularly communicate with outfit command


Part of War Counsel. Their job is to provide an ear for the Majors to relay information to high command related to the outfit. Enforce rules and regulations as well as the code of conduct. Give input on selecting members for promotion.


Show exemplary service to the outfit that goes beyond in game achievements Be a regular platoon leader with a proven track record of results Assume HR and PR duties for the outfit Attending War Council Meetings


Gods of War. Talented beautiful Men. Emperors of all that is DREAD.


Overall outfit protocol and procedure Outline outfit strategy and tactics Managing officer personnel Scheduling and attending War Council meetings

Discipline and Demotion

Rule of VETO – NO ranks other than the Czar ranks are immune to the veto: If you and 2 other members have concerns or doubts that a ranking official of higher rank isn't fulfilling their duties, is abusing power or is breaking these rules, you can contact either OdinsPride or Coolkid69 directly and they may be demoted or removed from the outfit after investigation. It is completely anonymous and will help to keep the system honest.

If you have any questions, contact OdinsPride or Coolkid69!

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