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VVarMachine [VVAR]
Vvar logo.png
Leader Community Leaders:
DieDae, ech0whiskey, Razzun

PlanetSide 2 Division Leaders:
Silentwolf123, ColKurtz69

Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Server Connery
Website http://www.vvarmachine.com

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[edit] Brief Overview & History

VVarMachine started in February 2013 as a merger between two of the larger New Conglomerate Outfits on the Helios (now merged with Connery) server in PlanetSide 2. Crash Test Dummies [CTD] and Deadly Dose [DDLY] merged to form VVarMachine, aiming to create the best outfit on the server.

Since the creation of VVarMachine a lot has changed, but a lot has stayed the same including a core of dedicated players looking to not only support PlanetSide 2 but to expand to other games.

Outside of PlanetSide 2, VVarMachine is involved in the Auraxis Military Pact [AMP], a Star Citizen alliance made up of mostly PlanetSide 2 outfits. We are also active within League of Legends and expanding into World of Warcraft, Battlefield and StarCraft.

[edit] PlanetSide 2

VVarMachine [VVAR]: PlanetSide 2 Promotional Video
[VVAR] started as a collaboration between Crash Test Dummies [CTD] and Deadly Dose [DDLY] which was led by Rodale and DrFrozenFire.

After Rodale got hacked by a VVAR member, ech0whiskey was promoted to co-leader along with DrFrozenFire and after awhile ArtaSoral was voted in as tri-leader. During this time membership grew at an extraordinary rate as well as expanding into games outside of PlanetSide 2.

The PlanetSide 2 Division of VVarMachine Gaming is now led by SilentWolf123 and ColKurtz69 while DieDae, ech0whiskey and Razzun have moved to lead the whole community.

We have weekly organized PlanetSide 2 events on Saturday at 7:00pm server time (PST). These events are usually open to all those interested and is a great opportunity to learn about us.

[edit] Recruitment

[VVAR] is always looking for new players, not only in PlanetSide 2 but all other games we are involved in.

Before anyone can join, we ask them to read and agree to our Code of Conduct, which governs how we run the community.

Next, you need to register on the website and post in the appropriate recruitment forum.

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