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Validus Gaming

Validus Gamers
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Formed in 2004, Validus Gamers spans across multiple games, primarily focused on Planetside 2.

Validus Gamers (VG) are a laid back outfit exclusive to the Terran Republic in Planetside 2. Focused on effective teamwork and strategy, VG has squads running almost every night. Although the community is laid-back, We play competitively and the community at VG expects this of all its members.


[edit] Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

The Validus Gamers SOP is expected to be followed by all members.

-Respect everyone and other outfits. Make sure to remember, we are here for fun.

-Do not spam any chat channel or Teamspeak voice coms.

-No Hacking/Cheating/Exploiting/Griefing/or other actions forbidden by the TOS of PS2

-Respect your squad leaders decisions. This is a chain of command not a democracy

-TR is the only faction we play as a unit

-Keep chatter in cross squad channels to a minimum. It interferes with effective operation of the platoon

-Do not stand under any air vehicles.

-Do not stand in front of Vehicle spawn

-Do not rage over voice chat. It not only is very demoralizing to hear, but it is almost in no way, constructive.

-Do not destroy terminals in enemy bases. Infiltrators can hack those terminals to provide valuable ammo, health, and/or vehicles

[edit] VG Tactics

Primarily focused on infantry combat, VG squads strictly take orders from the squad leader and coordinate as a platoon when multiple squads are present. Pilots are always welcome to VG along with ground vehicle drivers. VG takes action that is necessary for the battle and often times infantry cannot get the job done.

The majority of nights on Planetside 2, Validus Gamers have squads running that mainly focus on aggressive expansion of TR territory. Quickly capping points and moving onto the next one is the name of the game. When in the middle of battle every member of VG is expected to work together, orchestrated by the squad leader, and be efficient, effective, and deadly.

[edit] Joining

Everyone is welcome to join VG. You can connect with us in game by browsing the squad list or visit our forums for official membership. Chances for leadership may often be present and continued membership may result in the position of officer. VG likes to be a relaxed, fun group, so if that sounds like what you are looking for then drop on by.

[edit] Connect with VG

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