Vanu HotDrop Syndicate

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Vanu HotDrop Syndicate
Leader Illtempered
Empire Logo vs.pngVanu Sovereignty
Server Waterson
Tags/Abbreviations VH0T
Stats Vanu HotDrop Syndicate Stats

Vanu HotDrop Syndicate is part of the Vanu Alliance on Waterson, often cooperating in large-scale, faction-wide operations spanning across all continents.


[edit] Operations and daily outfit acivity

[edit] Squads and platoons

We are running both small outfit-only operations and large-scale platoons, depending on the amount of people online and the current situation on the battlefield. While the 'ops' require members to follow strict orders and maximum focus, often infantry-based, platoons are usually more casual, where members follow the squad objective (such as defending a specific generator, or taking over an outpost) in the way they prefer. For coordination, we use primarly our TS3 server, but also in-game VOIP and chat (therefore, while having a microphone or TS3 is an asset, it is not necessary to be part of out operations).

[edit] Objectives

Our primary objective is to defend any continent we own, or at least keep them neutral if we fail to defend the lock. While we often attack and try to conquer continents, we might fall back to our continents that need defence. We are a highly mobile force - our leaders always keep a close eye on the maps, sometimes ordering members to switch from continent to continent if we need.

We are not afraid of defending bases, such as bio-labs, from waves and waves of outnumbering enemies (especially since this is much rewarding in terms of experience, both the in-game XP and the real stuff), and don't hesitate to take the fight to the enemy, when the base has been secured.

[edit] Outfit events

While defending bases, capturing continents and just killing enemies happen all the time, we sometime set some special outfit events, such as flash races, BFR parties, and whatever our R&D recently found.

[edit] Research and development

As we are part of the Vanu Sovereignity, the faction constisting primarily of scientist, one of our core assets is our R&D team - looking for interesting ideas, tools, strategies, or bugs (we do not use bugs against anyone - we only find those in secure enviroments (such as VR Training Facility), and write reports for the developers, with as much details and reproduction steps as possible). Examples include underwater research, BFR analysis, flight experimentation with vehicles not designed for this, enemy warpgate infiltration, and, of course, going into space. (Be advised, the R&D team dies/suicides very often, but well, this is all for science)

[edit] Recruitment

If you wish to join us, simply join a VH0T public squad in-game and ask for an outfit invite. The only requirement is: no cheating/hacking/exploiting.

[edit] Squad/platoon leaders

We need more dedicated squad and platoon leaders. If you want to try it, do not hesitate to say so, but be warned: this type of work usually yields less experience, and you might spend the whole day just sitting in a corner, looking at the map, and being stabbed by random enemies. Yet, the satisfaction when you see your plan work, and your soldiers obliterate enemies and take over whole continents... Let's just say there are some things bullets (well, batteries, this is VS after all) can't buy.

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