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Voodoo Shipping Company
VCO Logo.png
Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Region USA
Server Emerald
Tags/Abbreviations VCO
Website http://voodooshipping.net/
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[edit] Overview

Mission Statement:

Voodoo Shipping Company [VCO]:

  • Champions its openness to any and all willing to listen regardless of BR, skill level, fandoms, age, economic situation, race, religion, or sexual orientation.
  • Maintains a hard line against overly negative atmospheres, abrasive attitudes, malicious discrimination, and egotistical cock-waving.
  • Places the community over the game at all times. Leader to member communication ratio and output is notably higher compared to most Outfits.
  • Knows the balance between soulless elitism and useless zerging. We know how to make the most difference, fast-track the most new players, and have the most fun doing it.
  • Works calmly and unabashedly with any Outfit and Platoon on Command Chat willing to work together for the betterment of the faction.
  • Has FUN!

Voodoo Shipping Company is all about freedom and having fun. By name alone, one might think we are a free-for-all, all inclusive, disorganized heap of people aimlessly roaming around. but this is not the case. Fun is loosely defined here, as it can mean anything; Every person has a different way of having fun. One thing that unites the majority of us, especially ones who play a game such as Planetside 2, is that we enjoy accomplishing something greater. However, there's the catch: In order to work together, one must sacrifice freedom for the greater goal. This outfit, as a result, is not for everyone. Everyone is free to enter and try out our playstyle as it is, but in the end, some people will not enjoy the goal oriented nature of VCO, and will not enjoy setting aside their personal play to accomplish something as a team. We encourage these people to join an outfit that caters to their strengths instead. We also constantly encourage untagged players to seek out other active outfits if they do not wish to join us

On the surface, we are a fun loving outfit, with freedom and a great community. On the inside, we are a team oriented entity. We work to transcend players above their own personal limitations to accomplish goals they might never achieve on their own. This is what must be done to continue be a powerful force on Emerald NC, and to continue to serve as an example to everyone else who wants to make and keep this faction great. Here in VCO, we have the experience and size to influence the game on a massive scale. Our actions can make or break alerts on a whim, and we do our best to wield this power with responsibility. Our efforts have paid dividends as the NC has risen in stature and success on the battlefields of Emerald not only due to our own efforts, but to as much if not more, our fellow outfits. We believe strongly that when we work together we are greater than the sum of our parts, and that, even in the face of overwhelming odds, a united NC is a victorious NC.

We keep up ranks up through an open recruitment policy and fast-paced squad and platoon tactics that help both new and old players get better at the game. so that the faction as a whole may prosper and engage in wide scale multi-faceted endeavors with the highest degree of cooperation and coordination possible.

Voodoo Company's presence is largest in Planetside 2, although as a multi-game community we are always looking out for new games and new experiences to share with each other.

What will you bring to VCO?

[edit] General Tactics

[edit] Airborne Infantry

  • Our bread and butter strategy is the rapid redeploy Galaxy drop. Our platoon leaders constantly watch the map to keep an eye on enemy troop numbers and potential movements so that at a moments notice our soldiers can redeploy to a safe (or very unsafe) landing zone and head directly to where our presence is needed the most to stall, advance, hold, or annihilate. By coordinating with other outfits we are often able to shore up areas in need of additional support to ensure NC victory and to do so in a way that enables other outfits to focus on other areas of tactical or strategic importance. Be prepared to hit that redeploy key when needed.

[edit] Air Div

  • We run a separate squad of VCO Reaver and Liberator pilots to provide air support to our comrades below and sharpen our dogfighting and bombardment skills. Players of all piloting skill levels are encouraged to fly with us! Practices for Air Div are every Thursday at 20:00 EST.

[edit] Armor Div

  • We'll occasionally run a squad of armor units to provide heavy firepower and destroy key targets in battles. Come join us to improve your tank or gunning skills!

[edit] The Ron Paul Rangers

The best of the best. For those that want to run those super 1337 dank strats but with none of the e-peen ego, you have found a home.

[edit] Activities

[edit] Formal Ops

We run Ops every Friday and Sunday at 20:00 EST. We generally run for two hours, but if an alert comes up in the middle of ops, we'll spend extra time helping our fellow NC soldiers achieve victory. About as "Formal" as we get around these parts of the internet. Where the best and brightest come out to play. Full platoon of 48 or more working together with other NC Outfits for a common goal: FREEDOM!

[edit] After-OPs Activities

  • Wind down after an intense alert and stick around after ops for some hilarious mini-games such as infiltrator hide-n-seek, harasser racing, sky pirates, and more!

[edit] Training

We maintain a come as you please policy in all of our endeavors to ensure that there is a place for everyone who wishes to play with us and training is no exception. We offer training courses that discuss and explain how to deal with the game's UI, base strategies/layouts, basic infantry/squad tactics; all the way up through complex leadership training and mentoring of potential leaders.

Check out some great training videos made by us!

No one is ever too skilled to not benefit from practice, and we encourage everyone who joins us - new or veteran - to take part in these valuable sessions to sharpen their skills and help ensure that everyone flying the VCO tag has a common understanding of the presence we are capable of presenting on the battlefield.

[edit] Teamspeak & Discord Servers

We provide large TS3 and Discord servers for use by our members and friends, the information for which can be found on our website. While a mic is not required to join for either, we do appreciate players who speak up.

[edit] Media


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