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Weapons of Mass Destruction
Leader Malevolent
Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Region US
Server Mattherson
Tags/Abbreviations WMD
Website www.teamwmd.com
Stats WMD Stats


[edit] Introduction

Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) is an NC Mattherson outfit with a focus on tight comms discipline, tactical gameplay, and unit teamwork / cohesion. We enjoy fighting hard fights against hard odds, and winning. WMD is a member of the New Conglomerate Coalition, and coordinates with the most organized and skilled outfits in the NC on Mattherson to accomplish difficult objectives.

We draw on over 12 years as a FPS/PVP Gaming clan, and much of the core leadership is prior military or prior law-enforcement. WMD uses principles learned from live military operations and combat exposure to bring cohesiveness and focus to our objectives in-game. WMD focuses on best application of combined arms, discipline in communications, and superior logistical organization. By emphasizing “team over self”, we all win.

Players interested in WMD can expect a disciplined environment which is focused on winning. If you would like tight military style comms with leaders who have actual combat experience, this is the outfit for you.

[edit] Organization

WMD typically operates at least one platoon of ground troops, with additional platoons being either more ground troops or specialized air/armor platoons. All platoons and squads are led only by WMD leaders who have been selected and trained.

To supplement WMD's general infantry, we also offer "Special Operations Groups" to select members who qualify:

1. Special Warfare Group - Infantry based top shooters only, members with this designation will be slotted into delta in live platoons and be used as the high mobility “we get shit done no matter what” squad – Platoon Leader will be able to rely on this group to accomplish whatever objective is required. Lean towards LA/HA/Infiltrator
2. VA22 WMD Reapers - Special Operations Liberator Pilots / Gunners – Will require minimum specs on liberator – this unit will be the primary air to ground sledgehammer – ground Platoon Leader will know that whatever he calls for fire on it will be vaporized
3. VA21 WMD AirWolves - Special Operations Reaver Pilots – Will require air to air spec on Reaver – these pilots will specialize in clearing airspace and maintaining air dominance in the theater of operations so Liberators can operate with impunity over objectives.
4. Brotherhood of Death - WMD Powered Armor Max units – Will require a Max spec designed for breaking enemy lines
5. Spectre Operations [Classified] – Infiltrators – specialize in rapid insertion before the enemy knows WMD forces are hitting a location, hacking vehicle terms, taking points, causing havoc and chaos behind enemy lines

To get an idea what it's like to roll with WMD: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0oNzd-93cU

[edit] Testimonials

Here are just a few things that people are saying about WMD:

WMD is, I feel, the most orderly, tactical, Play-To-Win outfit on Matherson. After hopping public platoons for 2 months I find myself jumping into a WMD-led platoon the most often, and I'm hopping to further this experience by joining. -JazzConch
I have a fair bit of real life experience with squad and platoon battles and know what it is like to have a poorly lead unit. So far this outfit has show great leadership with clear objective instruction and overall great discipline worthy of real military units. -Alabaddon
I joined a random platoon full of WMD guys, and won a lot of battles with the platoon. They told me about the forum, and how to apply. I definitely wanted to join the outfit. -StrongPear
Ran with a WMD platoon one night and I haven't had that much fun online in a hell of a long time. -Bhaxtur
I've noticed how professional WMD is during various the battles I've seen them in. I appreciate how WMD always seems to get the job done where many others seem to fail. I hold the same values as WMD when it comes to gaming, a focus on loyalty and teamwork. -Blitzgott
I always seek out the WMD ran platoons when playing because of your organization and communication. I always feel that I am playing the game to it's fullest potential when playing with your outfit. -OrionActual
I rolled with WMD a few times in beta and after release. Rolling with WMD is THE REASON I decided to upgrade my account to paid. The exp (in-game and overall) was that good. -MeatShieldy
I played for a few hours with this outfit and was highly impressed with the coordination and quality of gameplay. Everyone took what we were doing seriously but without shouting or arguing about petty grievances; these things made me want to have this experience daily rather than hopping from outfit to outfit or attempting lone wolf. -Phatratpack
Joined a WMD squad and never looked back. The organization WMD rolls with is awesome. I like having fun, but I also don't have fun unless my teammates are serious about our objective. WMD makes planetside 2 an enjoyable game for me. -DevineDevil

[edit] Recruitment

We are currently recruiting active players with a BR of 20+.

For more information please visit us at www.teamwmd.com.

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