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[edit] Useful Links

Ailos' Tweak Guide

Analyze This: Graphic Settings and UserOptions.ini

How to: Get Better Framerates in PlanetSide 2

In-game New Player Support


How to Read Weapon Statistics in Planetside 2!

Dasanfall: PS2 Data Site

Weapon Data

Infantry AV Spreadsheet

MAX AV comparison

Heavy Assault Overshield Tests

PlanetSide 2 Resist Tables

Weapon Simulation program (Information Regarding The Tool)

Vehicle and Weapons Damage Sim

Weapon Analysis Tool

Bullet Drop Explained

Hud Overview

/r/planetside New Player Tips and Hints

[edit] Guides/Tips/Tutorials

DISCLAIMER: The following videos/threads/posts etc. may or may not show correct information in regards to specific stats. Things change over time. Make sure you read any annotations on the youtube videos, for the most part they contain updated information!

[edit] General Guides


Planetside 2 Basic Training

PlanetSide2Europe Basic Training

Be Less Derp

Analyze This

Planetside 2 Tactics

1 Min Tips

Solo Pub Tutorials

Beginner help and lesser-known tips

Time to Gear Up

General Tips


(Blog) Loadout Optional

Marking The Enemy - Short Tips

Step by Step guide for platoon making

General Tips & Tricks

General Tips & Tricks 2nd ED

General Tips & Tricks 3rd ED

to Max Out First!

Time to Kill (TTK) versus Lag Compensation

Tower Stomping Tutorial

Must Have Unlocks/Upgrades

[edit] Infantry Guides

[edit] General Infantry Guides


Infantry Tutorials

1000 Certs or Less

Conservative Aggression


Directional Influencel

How to: Wall Walk

Quick Reload (for Empty Weapons)

Character Animations and You

Knife Quick Review and Tips!

Master Your Recoil

Survive and Thrive With Your Squad

Hide your Muzzle Flash

Back to Basics: Gun Mechanics and Bullet Drop

Killstreak Analysis | Episode 1

Killstreak Analysis | Episode 2

Killstreak Analysis | Episode 3

[edit] Grenades/Utilities/Attachments

Restoration Kits versus Medical Kits

Flash and Concussive Grenade Review

Infiltrator Grenades Review

Nanite Medic Grenades Review

Smoke Grenades Review (Art of Stealth)

Sticky Grenades Review

C-4 & Anti-Vehicle Grenades Review

Flashlight Attachment Review

Barrel Attachments Review

Advanced Shield Capacitor Review

Anti Vehicle Grenade review for Heavy Assault

Anti Infantry Mine Overview

Smoke Launcher and Tips

Grenade Launcher

Under Barrel Shotgun

Claymore Guide

Soft point vs High Velocity Ammo

Test of Soft Point Ammo and High Velocity Ammo

[edit] Infiltrator


Infiltrator's Handbook


Infiltrator - The Ambush Predatorl

Scout Rifles or SMGs? What's better?

Infiltrator Certification Guide

Advanced Infiltrator Guide(Weapon part)

Infiltrator Guide(strategy part)

Infiltrator Cert Guide

The Shadow Arts of Infiltration

How To Not Suck At CQC/SMG Infil Part 1/2 - Loadout Selection and Item Overview

How To Not Suck At CQC/SMG Infil Part 2/2 - Gameplay Analysis, Tips, and Mechanics

Amazing Sniping Locations

[edit] Light Assault

Light Assault Certification Guide

Light Assault 101

Aircraft killing guide / tutorial and tips

Adrenaline Pump Review

Drifter Jump Jets Review

Advanced Light Assault Guide

Light Assault Training

Cert Guide

Light Assault Guide: Certified Badass

Comprehensive Guide to Light Assault

[edit] Engineer


The Engineer's Workshop


Anti-Vehicle Turrets and You (An Engineer's Strategy Guide)

Engineer Certification Guide

Certified Badass: Engineer (Loadout and Cert Guide)

Engineer Tips, Tricks and Cert Guide

Advanced Engineer Guide

[edit] Combat Medic

The Combat Medic - Survival Guide

Combat Medic Certifications Guidel

Loadout - Medic "The One"

Advanced Combat Medic Guide

Medic Tips, Tricks and Cert Guide

Certified Badass: Combat Medic

Most Useful Medic Certifications Guide

The combat medic guide

[edit] Heavy Assault

Terran Heavy Assault - What you need to know

Certified Badass: Heavy Assault (Loadout and Cert Guide)

Heavy Assault Certification Guide

Loadout - Heavy Assault "The Man Eater"

Leviathan Heavy Assault Loadout

Heavy Assault Most Useful Certifications Guide

Heavy Shields Comparison

Advanced Heavy Assault Guide

Heavy Assualt Tips, Tricks and Certs Guide

TR Heavy Assault Guide

Heavy Assault Aggressor Build

[edit] MAX

MAX Guide - Charge Ability Maneuvers

MAX Certification & Weapons Guide

MAX Tips, Tricks and Cert Guide

How to Stop Your MAX from Charging

Advanced Max Guide

[edit] TR

Lockdown review, Terran Republic MAX ability

[edit] NC

The ScatterMax | Close Quarters Monster

How to use a Max Suit: New Conglomerate

Aegis Shield Guide

Back to Basics: Scattercannon

Fascist Shield (Aegis Shield) Review

[edit] VS

VS Max Cert - Playstyle Guide

Comet vs Vortex

[edit] Vehicle Guides

Walker versus Ranger (Which is Better?)

Fire Suppression System Review

Vehicle Certification Guide

Basic aircraft tutorial

Advanced Vehicle guide

How To Effectively Use Your Drop Pod

[edit] ESF Guides


Flying Light Aircraft (ESF)

Flight School

ESF Captain's Log

Quad's Guide to ESF (Reaver, Mosq, and Scythe)

Vertical Thrust Flight Tutorial


Pilot's Academy - Reverse Maneuver

Reaver Flying Beginner Guide/Tutorial

Aircraft Dogfighting Upgrade & Certifcation Guide

Scythe Dodging

Mosquito CERT guide!

Flying tutorial

Empire Specific Fighter Tips, Tricks and Loadouts

Basic Flight Guide

ESF Tutorial

Flying tutorial - Dodging and manouvering while aiming

Starter Guide - Flying a Low-Cert ESF

Learn To Fly ESF

[edit] Liberator Guides


Liberator's Log


Liberator Guide 1-0

Quick Tips: Liberator

Solo-Liberating Guide (Being The Pilot & Gunner)

[edit] Galaxy Guides

Battle Galaxy Guide: Best Defense Slot

Flight tips for beginners

Galaxy Gunship Loadout

Transport Loadout

Transport Tactics

[edit] MBT Guides

[edit] Prowler

Prowler Flanking Guide

How2: The Tank

Prowler Cert Guide

[edit] Vanguard

Cert and Weapon Guide Pt. 1

Cert and Weapons Guide Pt. 2

Loadouts - Vanguard "The Lazy Boy"

[edit] Magrider


[edit] Lightning Guides

Lightning A.I Guide/Tutorial - Upgrades, Certs & Tactics

Lightning Tank Tutorial

The Lightning Tank

[edit] Harasser Guides

Harasser Tips & Tricks

Harasser Chassis Break Down

Harasser - Best Chassis for Gunner!

Harasser Cert Guide

[edit] Flash Guides

Back Seat Flash Tips and Tricks

Wraith Cloaking Module Review

Flash Combat Guide [Solo Edition]

(Blog) The Wraith - Part 1

(Blog) The Wraith - Part 2

[edit] Sunderer Guides

Beginner's Guide to the Sunderer

Sunderer Guide Pt. 1 - Certifications

Sunderer Guide Pt. 2 - Weapons

[edit] Infantry Weapon guides

DISCLAIMER: These videos may or may not show correct information in regards to specific stats. Things change over time.

[edit] NS weapons

AV MANA Turret

Flare gun

Fireworks Launcher "Weapon" Review

NC Revolver(s)

Commissioner vs. Underboss!

NS Revolver Rundown (NS-357 Underboss, NS-44 Commissioner)

NS-44 Commissioner + NS-357 Underboss Review





NS Decimator

[edit] Comparison guides

[edit] Pistols

Pistols Overview - L8 Rebel, TX2 Emperor, Manticore

LA3 Desperado : TS2 Inquisitor : Cerberus Review

[edit] SMGs

SMG Guide

SMG review + comparison to carbines, shotguns, scout rifle (auto)

new SMG review + comparison to older SMGs, all 3 factions

New SMG Rundown and Comparison

[edit] Shotguns

Weapon Overview - Mauler S6, FA1 Barrage, Thanatos (Semi-Automatic Shotguns)

The Definitive Shotgun Guide

Guide - Which Shotgun Type Is the Best?

New Pump Action Slugs!

New Pump Shotguns!

Pump-action shotgun review / comparison to other shotguns

Pump Action Shotguns Take 2

Shotgun Roundup (Which Shotgun is Best For You?)

[edit] Carbines

Carbine Guide GD-7F vs LC2 Lynx vs VX6-7

[edit] Assault Rifles

Best Assault Rifles GR-22, H-V45, Cycler TRV

[edit] LMGs

Best LMGs For Each Faction (Planetside 2 Pulsar LSW, GD-22S, TMG-50)

"Best" Light Machine Guns

[edit] Battle Rifles


[edit] Sniper/Scout Rifles

Bolt-Action Sniper Review and Comparison

Automatic Scout Rifle 60 Second Review

[edit] Empire Specific Rocket Launchers

New Rocket Launchers - The Good, The Bad & The Griefer

[edit] TR Weapons

[edit] Scopes/Sights Comparison

Terran Republic Scopes & Sights

[edit] Pistols

TX1 Repeater and TX2 Emperor Gun Comparison Review


Inquisitor Review in 90 Seconds

[edit] SMGs

SMG review

PDW-16 Hailstorm

Weapon Overview - PDW-16 Hailstorm

PDW-16 Hailstorm Weapon Overview

SMG-46 Armistice

SMG-46 Armistice Weapon Overview

[edit] Shotguns

TS4 Haymaker

TS4 Haymaker Weapon Overview

[edit] Carbines

Lynx versus Jaguar Weapon Review/Comparison

LC3 Jaguar

LC3 Jaguar Review

Weapon check - LC3 Jaguar

LC2 Lynx

Weapon Overview - LC2 Lynx

weapon Locker: LC2 Lynx review


T5 AMC Weapon Review


TR engineer TRAC-5 Carbine

[edit] Assault Rifles

TR Combat Medic Weapons In-Combat Comparison

TAR vs Cycler TRV


TAR Weapon Review

TAR Weapon Overview

Budget series: TAR Review

Weapon check - TAR


Weapon Overview - SABR-13

Sabr-13 Weapon Review

[edit] LMGs

TR Heavy Assault Weapons In-Combat Comparison


Budget Series: MSW-R Review

MSW-R Weapon Overview

MSW-R Weapon Overview


T16 Rhino Weapon Review


Weapon Overview - T9 CARV-S

T32 Bull

T32 Bull Weapon Overview


TMG-50 Weapon Overview

[edit] Battle Rifles


[edit] Sniper/Scout Rifles

Complete Guide To Infiltrator Weapons

Infiltrator Weapons In-Combat Comparison


SOAS-20 Mini Weapon Overview

Weapon check - SOAS-20


Weapon check - M77B

[edit] HA Heavy Weapon

T7 Mini-Chaingun

T7 Mini-Chaingun Weapon Overview

T7 Mini-chaingun Review

[edit] Rocket/Missile Launchers

ASP-30 Grounder

ASP-30 Grounder Weapon Overview

M9 SKEP Launcher

M9 SKEP Launcher Weapon Overview

T2 Striker

T2 Striker Review

[edit] NC Weapons

[edit] Scopes/Sights Comparison

Infiltrator Scope Guide[/url

[edit] Pistols

NC4 MagShot and Rebel Comparison Review


Decadent Desperado Review

[edit] SMGs

AF-4 cyclone

AF-4 Cylclone

AF-4 Cyclone review

AF-4 Cyclone review

Blitz GD-10

Blitz GD-10 Review

[edit] Shotguns

GD-66 Claw vs LA39 Bruiser

[edit] Carbines

AC-X11 & Razor GD-23 Review/Comparision


AC-X11 Weapon Review

AC-X11 Weapon Overview

ACX-11 Weapon Review

AF-19 Mercenary

Back to Basics: AF-19 Mercenary Review


GD-7F Review

Razor GD-23

Weapon Overview - Razor GD-23

[edit] Assault Rifles

NC Combat Medic Weapons In-Combat Comparison

GR-22 vs Carnage BR

Carnage BR

Carnage BR Weapon Review

Carnage BR Review

Weapon Review: Carnage BR

Gauss Rifle

Back to Basics: Gauss Rifle


GR-22 Weapon Review

Reaper DMR

Reaper DMR Review

Weapon Review: Reaper DMR


AF-14 Torrent

[edit] LMGs

Heavy Assault Weapons In-Combat Comparison

Weapon Locker: Gauss Saw S review + Gauss saw comparison

Anchor LA1

Anchor Weapon Overview

Anchor LA1 Review


EM1 Review

EM1 Weapon Overview

EM1 Weapon Reviewl


Weapon Overview - EM6

EM6 Weapon Review

EM6 Review


Weapon Overview - GD-22S

GD-22S Review

Budget Series: GD-22s Review

NC6 Gauss Saw

Gauss Saw for Beginners

Back To Basics: NC6 Gauss Saw

[edit] Battle Rifles

Warden Battle Rifle

Weapon Overview - Warden Battle Rifle

[edit] Sniper/Scout Rifles

Weapon Overview - LA80 Sniper Rifle

NC Infiltrator Weapons In-Combat Comparison

EM4 Longshot vs LA80

NC-14 Bolt Driver Back to Basics: NC-14 Bolt Driver


SAS-R Review

SAS-R Weapon Review

[edit] HA Heavy Weapon

NC05 Jackhammer

Jackhammer Review

NC05 Jackhammer Weapon Review

[edit] Rocket/Missile Launchers

NC rocket launcher review


Phoenix Rocket Launcher Review

NC15 Phoenix Review

[edit] VS Weapons

[edit] Scopes/Sights Comparison

Vanu Rifle Sights & Scopes

[edit] Pistols

Beamer and Manticore Gun Comparison Review


Cerberus Review in 60 Seconds

[edit] SMGs

Eridani SX5

Weapon Overview - Eridani SX5

Sirius SX12

Why so Sirius SX12?

[edit] Shotguns

Phobos VX86

Phobos VX86 Pump Action Shotgun

[edit] Carbines

Serpent versus VX6-7 Review/Comparison

Pulsar Compact

Weapon Overview - Pulsar Compactl

Pulsar C Weapon Review


Serpent Weapon Overview


VX6-7 Weapon Review - Hipfiring Beast

VX6-7 Weapon Overview

[edit] Assault Rifles

Vanu Combat Medic Weapons In-Combat Comparison


CME Hot ot Not?

Corvus VA55

Corvus. Best assault rifle for longrange?

Corvus VA55 Review


Loadout - H-V45

H-V45 Review

[edit] LMGs

Vanu Heavy Assault Weapons In-Combat Comparison

Flare vs Ursa Weapon Comparison


Flare Weapon Review

Flare Weapon Overview

Flare weapon Review

Pulsar LSW

Pulsar LSW Weapon Review - Versatile Killer

Budget Series: Pulsar LSW Review


Weapon Overview - SVA-88

Premium series: SVA-88 Review

SVA-88 Weapon Review

[edit] Battle Rifles

Eidolon Battle Rifle

Eidolon Battle Rifle (Weapon Review)

[edit] Sniper/Scout Rifles

Vanu Infiltrator Weapons In-Combat Comparison

[edit] HA Heavy Weapon

Lasher Weapon Review

[edit] Rocket/Missile Launchers

Lancer VS22

Lancer VS22 Review

Lancer Weapon Review

Lancer weapon Review

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