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Sanctuaries do not exist in PlanetSide 2, however, every empire now has a permanent Foothold for staging on each continent which is not capture-able by opposing empires.

[edit] PlanetSide

In PlanetSide sanctuaries were miniature continents that each of the three empires owned that only that specific empire could have access to. They were primarily used for staging areas for raids and outfits, as well as a safe place to go away from the keyboard (AFK). Sanctuaries contained all the resources available throughout the game, such as respawn facilities, vehicle and air terminals, implant terminals, equipment and certification terminals, lockers, and Battle Frame Robotics (BFR) terminals. There were also Virtual Reality training zones in the respawn buildings that allowed players access to every empire-specific (ES) weapon and MAX unit, as well as every ES vehicle. Sanctuaries used to be composed of a single staging area with all of these resources, but do to crowded populations, they were eventually enlarged to three different staging areas on the sanctuary continent, coined HART A, HART B, or HART C. The three HARTs were linked by teleportation pads. A HART shuttle would dock in each of the main HART buildings that players could board, which would shoot them down over a contested continent in a Drop Pod. The shuttle was set on a timer.

PlanetSide Universe
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