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A listing of all the PlanetSide 2 server. See also, server status.


[edit] US Servers

[edit] US East

[edit] Active

[edit] Defunct

  • Apex
  • AuraxiCom
  • DeepCore
  • Jaeger (Merged into Waterson)
  • Mattherson (Merged into Emerald)
  • Snake Ravine
  • SolTech (Merged into Mattherson)
  • Waterson (Merged into Emerald)

[edit] US West

[edit] Active

[edit] Defunct

  • Benson
  • Everett
  • Genudine (Merged into Helios)
  • Helios (Merged into Connery)
  • Palos
  • Torremar
  • Voight

[edit] EU Servers

[edit] Active

[edit] Defunct

  • Woodman (Merged into Miller)
  • Ceres (Merged into Cobalt)
  • Lithcorp (Merged into Cobalt)
  • Mallory (Merged into Ceres)
  • Rust Mesa
  • Snowshear

[edit] Oceanic Servers

[edit] Australia

[edit] Active

[edit] Defunct

  • Alkali
  • Black Ridge
  • Jagged Lance
  • Morgannis
  • Saerro
  • Stilwater
  • Vaemar

[edit] VOIP Servers

  • (Framingham, MA -

[edit] PlanetSide

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PlanetSide Server Selection

Gemini is the only remaining server for the original Planetside. The original PlanetSide used the following servers:

  • Emerald (US East coast, merged into Gemini)
  • Gemini (Moved from US East coast to Las Vegas, US)
  • Johari (US West coast, merged into Markov)
  • Konried (US East coast, merged into Emerald)
  • Markov (US West coast, merged into Gemini)
  • Werner (Europe, merged into Gemini)
PlanetSide Universe
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