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Battle Experience Points (BEP) are gained by killing or assisting in killing enemies as well as capturing bases. You also earn a small amount of XP from earning medals. Additionally you earn a bonus experience every time you assist a squad/platoon member (spot/repair/heal/resupply etc.)

Population imbalances will award your empire a percentage bonus on all experience earned.

You will gain a Certification Point with every 250 experience points you earn.

There are also several standard types of Experience Point bonuses that you can earn:


[edit] Infantry

Infantry Kill
Kill Type Reward XP
Spawn Kill 25
Kill 100
High Threat Kill (killing a player who has earned 1000-1999 XP) 150
Extreme Menace Kill (killing a player who has earned 2000 or more XP) 300
Infantry Kill Assist
Assist Type Reward XP
Kill Assist 25
Critical Kill Assist 50
Infantry Kill Bonus
Bonus Type Bonus XP
MAX Kill 20
Headshot 10
Vengeance Kill 20
Domination Kill 25
Kill Streak 10
Streak Stop 25
Group Kill 20
Roadkill 10
Attack/Defend Kill 10

[edit] Vehicle

Vehicle Kill
Kill Type Reward XP
Sunderer Kill 500
Prowler/Vanguard/Magrider Kill 500
Lightning Kill 400
Harrasser Kill 300
Flash Kill 100
Galaxy Kill ???
Liberator Kill ???
Mosquito/Reaver/Scythe Kill 400
Turret Kill 100
Phalanx Turret Kill 100
Drop Pod Kill 20
Vehicle Kill Assist
Assist Type Reward XP
Sunderer Kill Assist 100
Prowler/Vanguard/Magrider Kill Assist ???
Lightning Kill Assist ???
Harasser Kill Assist ???
Flash Kill Assist 10
Galaxy Kill Assist ???
Liberator Kill Assist 50
Mosquito/Reaver/Scythe Kill Assist ???
Phalanx Turret Kill Assist ???
Prowler/Vanguard/Magrider Critical Kill Assist 375
Sunderer Critical Kill Assist 375
Lightning Critical Kill Assist 300
Harasser Critical Kill Assist 225
Flash Critical Kill Assist 19
Galaxy Critical Kill Assist ???
Liberator Critical Kill Assist ???
Mosquito/Reaver/Scythe Critical Kill Assist ???
Phalanx Turret Critical Kill Assist ???
Vehicle Gunner Kill
Kill Type Reward XP
Gunner Kill Bonus 75
Gunner Sunderer Kill Bonus 375
Gunner Prowler/Vanguard/Magrider Kill Bonus 375
Gunner Lightning Kill Bonus 300
Gunner Harrasser Kill Bonus 225
Gunner Flash Kill Bonus 19
Gunner Galaxy Kill Bonus ???
Gunner Liberator Kill Bonus ???
Gunner Mosquito/Reaver/Scythe Kill Bonus 300
Deploy Kill 50
Vehicle Kill Bonus
Bonus Type Bonus XP
Surface To Air Damage 40
Ram Bonus 35

[edit] Support

Action Reward XP
Sunderer Spawn 2 per Spawn
Squad Beacon Spawn 10
Resupply 10 per Magazine
Squad Resupply 15 per Magazine
Repair 5 per tick
Squad Repair 13 per tick
MAX Repair 13 per tick
Squad MAX Repair 18 per tick
Revive 75
Heal Assist 10 per tick
Squad Heal 15 per tick
Spotting 10
Motion Detection 20
Hack Terminal/Turret 25

[edit] Facility

Action Reward XP
Facility Capture (small) 250
Facility Capture (medium) 500
Facility Capture (large) 1000
Control Point Conversion 25
Overload 250
Stabilization 250
Objective Kill 500
Terminal Destruction 20

[edit] Miscellaneous

Action Reward XP
Explosives Kill 10
Service Ribbon 250
Daily Bonus Ribbon +500
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