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Facilities, also known as Bases, are the biggest capture points on hexes. In order to capture a base, an empire must capture and hold the multiple control points that are located on the inside and the outside of the facility itself, until their empire's domination meter is full. Once that empire's meter is full, that empire owns that facility. If the defending empire recaptures the control points, the attacking empire's progress on the meter takes the same amount of time to degrade as it did to accumulate. Once the attacking empire's progress has completely degraded, the facility is considered defended.

There are several types of bases on Auraxis. They greatly differ from one another in size, layout, and tactics needed to capture or defend them.

All facilities have three outlying outposts, which provide the only lattice links between the facility and outside bases. These outposts provide staging points for attacks on their parent facilities and often feature a link to their parent facility via teleporter or boost pad.


[edit] Bio-lab

Main article: Bio-Lab
Biolabs are gigantic, dome shaped facilities with a shield barrier around the top, preventing aerial attacks. They also sit high above the ground on leg-like pillars, so fighting may also take place under the facility itself. Inside the dome there are many small buildings which have been consumed by artificially grown plants and a mini desert biome. In the base of each biolab is the vehicle spawn room, which is also protected by shields and which is linked via teleporter to the top. Owning one of the surrounding outposts enables access to a teleporter directly into the biolab, as well as a boost pad to one of the exterior landing pads. These can be useful assets in an assault on the biolab. Taking control of a Bio Lab will grant a minor health regeneration boost to all members of the owning Empire.

[edit] Tech Plant

Main article: Tech Plant
Tech Plant
A Tech Plant is a large facility, made up of various buildings, including one massive one, which is lined with turrets, and from which vehicles are spawned. The tech lab has 3 main entrances, 2 on the bottom, and 1 on the top balcony. These entrances are protected by force fields, preventing any enemy soldier from walking into the facility. However, the spawn room is located away from the main building, and therefore the capture point, making deploying a Sunderer in the main building a priority for the defense. Ownership over this facility will allow you to spawn Main Battle Tanks at capable vehicle terminals, making Tech Plants required for a strong offensive front.

[edit] Amp Station

Main article: Amp Station
Amp Station
Amp Stations are bases made up of many different buildings, some of which have shield generators inside of them. There are walls around the base, which almost fully enclose the base with gaps for shields to prevent enemy vehicle access. The walls around the base are lined with turrets, which can be used to mount a strong defense. The biggest building in the Amp Station is the central building, from which vehicles are spawned. The spawn building is separate from the central building, making it easy for attackers to cut the defenders off from the central structure. Capturing an Amp Station will drastically increase the length of fire a Phalanx turret belonging to the owning Empire can maintain before it overheats, making Amp Stations vital for defense.

[edit] Trivia

  • The bases have rocket engines on their sides, and seem to have been ruggedized for atmospheric re-entry and thrusted landing, indicating that they most likely were dropped from orbit during colonization.
  • Terran BL-4 Crash Site on Esamir is a crashed Bio-Lab. There is also a buried Amp Station on Esamir.
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