Beta Update (2012/08/24)

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[edit] General:

  • A number of crash bugs have been fixed along with the addition of gameplay optimiziations.
  • Medical and Restoration Kits are now available!
  • Additional Certifications have been added to various classes.
  • Names will now become unique across all servers. Currently if a character exists in more than one server, the olders character will retain the original name and the newer will be given numbers after that name.
  • Population Caps have now been put in place to ensure populations across all servers.
  • The Home Warpgates have been moved for each Empire.

[edit] Notable Bug Fixes:

  • Keybinds will now save after closing and re-opening the PlanetSide 2 Client.
  • Tower parts have been improved visually and will appear more aligned.
  • When dying using a scope, players will no longer spawn in Zoom mode.

[edit] Items:

  • Infantry consumables (such as grenades) now have a max stack size.
  • Spawn Beacons will now replace the "Spawn on Squad" function. These are available through certifications in Leadership and will need to be equipped.
  • Medical and Restoration kits can be purchased via the Equipment Terminal. A Medical Kit will restore health immediately while a Restoration Kit will restore health over a short period of time.

[edit] Classes:

[edit] Vehicles:

  • Heavy Aircraft dive speed has been capped.
  • Heavy Aircraft climb speed has been improved to prevent loss during a climb.

[edit] Squads/Platoons:

  • The maximum size of a squad has been increased to 12 individual players.
  • A platoon consists of 4 squads which can be grouped together in a way to easily communicate through both text and voice chat. A heads up indicator will display squads and platoon members different in order to help distinguish who is in your platoon and what sub-squad they are in.
  • To form a Platoon all you need to do is invite another squad while being in a squad yourself. This will automatically join the squads together and create the Platoon. If you prefer a more directed approach, you can open the Squad window in your UI and then “Convert to a Platoon” to invite players to different squads one by one. You will also be able to move players between sub-squads.

[edit] World:

PlanetSide Universe
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