Beta Update (2012/10/25)

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[edit] Video Patch Review

[edit] Notable Changes:

  • Players are now mostly invulnerable to damage at Warpgates with the exception of vehicle collision damage against structures. An outstanding issue is while accessing a terminal players are vulnerable.
  • Sunderers are now available at every vehicle terminal that offers the Flash.
  • Squad members can deploy on their squad leaders from the Warpgate via the Instant Action menu.
  • Grief accumulation has been reduced for accidental team damage.
  • Grief points are no longer accumulated for damaging a fellow squad member or their vehicle. An outstanding issue is killing that player will result in grief points.

[edit] Performance:

  • Client crash fixes and client performance optimizations

[edit] Top Bugs Fixed:

  • Logging out or zoning while in a MAX should no longer change your class.
  • Forward spawn point terminals should now display appropriate faction on the minimap
  • Vehicle kills will give notifications again.
  • Turrets should no longer stop animating.
  • Dead characters will no longer be collidable.
  • Vehicles will no longer randomly invert controls.
  • Shields will now block tossed projectiles such as grenades and C4.
  • Fixed an instance where AFK players would be unable to be damaged.
  • Fixed a case where dying in the UI could leave a character in a bad state.

[edit] Weapons:

  • Reduced bullet drop on all weapons.
  • Buffed VS weapons to be much stronger at greater range. Projectile speed and Damage were increased on all weapons except Sniper Rifles.
  • Projectile speed was increased.
  • Damage at range was increased.
  • Reload times on most VS weapons are now faster.
  • Grenade trajectory is now more predictable.

[edit] Vehicles:

  • Speed required to damage infantry in a vehicle collision increased.
  • Projectile speed of Halberd increased
  • Reduced lock-on range of Heavy Assault anti-ground vehicle launchers (500 meters was overkill)
  • Scythe Default and Rotary nose cannon projectile speed increased
  • A pass was done on Sunderer and Tank Secondary weapon elevation ranges.
  • Elevation ranges should be the same between all the MBTs. Previously there were some discrepancies
  • 50cal MG elevation range increased by 15 degrees

[edit] Hotfix

A small additional patch was released the same day to fix an issue with the Magrider turning rate.

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