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Biolabs are gigantic, dome-shaped facilities with a shield barrier around the top keeping aircraft out. They stand high up on leg-like pillars, so fighting may also take place under the facility itself. Inside the dome, there are many small buildings which have been consumed by artificially grown plants and a mini desert biome.

Outside, around the Bio-Lab, there are small collections of buildings which hold control points. Taking these control points will not just increase an empire's influence meter, but it will also grant access to teleporters which take soldiers into the Bio-Lab itself, so capturing these can make assaulting a Bio-Lab much easier.

The very bottom of the Bio-Lab features a small shielded area with several vehicle spawn pads and inventory stations. There is no way into the base at this point, but it has high defensive capabilities if the Bio-Lab is being attacked by ground troops or tanks.

Any time a Biolab has been taken by a faction, that faction gains a passive health regeneration bonus if the infantry is on any connected hexes to the biolab. Once that connection is cut, the bonus is lost.

The biolabs around Auraxis contain 3-5 points inside the dome, plus a Spawn Control Unit (SCU) and a generator protecting the SCU.

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