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Shield Generators are a secondary objective inside some facilities. In most places where there is a shield impeding an attacking team, there is a shield generator to power it. In some facilities there are other generators for the inner base as well as shields protecting the Spawn Control Unit (SCU). They cannot be destroyed using conventional weaponry and must be destroyed by overloading them, which can be accomplished by walking up to them and holding down E (use button). Once overloaded they will slowly begin to destabilize. Defenders can stabilize them with the same method. If destroyed, the shield they are powering will fail. There is an exception where there are two shields to the inner area of the Amp Stations or Tech Plants, both must be destroyed before the shield fails.

250 XP are earned for initiating the overload of a generator, and another 500 XP are earned if the generator finishes overloading without being stabilized. Stabilizing a generator also earns 250 XP.

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