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Influence is determined by the surrounding territory of an empire. An attacking force that has a territory surrounded will have high influence and will be able to capture the territory faster once a Control Node is hacked. Similarly, defenders of a territory far behind the lines will have an easier time holding on to the territory because of their influence bonus. Influence is displayed as a pie chart when mousing over a territory on the map. Higher influence will give an empire faster capture tickets. For example, to capture an Amp Station with control of all capture points:

Influence Info.png

Influence Capture Time
100% 5 Minutes
50% 10 Minutes
33% 15 Minutes
0% 45 Minutes

Influence is calculated by the number of surrounding hexes an empire owns. For example, in the hypothetical map on the right, a TR facility is depicted in the middle, whose territory is outlined in white. The VS own 6 of the 12 surrounding hexes, thus have 50% influence. The NC control 2/12 hexes and have 16% influence. The TR in this example, control 4/12 hexes that are adjacent to the interior region, and thus have 33% influence.

PlanetSide Universe
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