Tech Plant

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Tech plant view from an outpost tower

The Tech Plant features one massive structure and several surrounding support buildings. The main structure is protected by force fields on 3 sides, leaving only 2 doors on the remaining side for standard infiltration. Once the Shield Generator is destroyed, the other avenues of attack become available. Light Assault troops can fly over the force fields on the sides of the superstructure, bypassing the typical entrance. The Control Node is located on the upper platform inside the superstructure. It can be reached by stairs or a pair of beam elevators. There are 3 Vehicle Terminals inside the superstructure. Two of them are located on the ground level and the spawned vehicles exit the side. The third terminal is located on the second level and will spawn vehicles out of the end of the superstructure.

The spawn room is located outside, among the smaller support structures. The vehicle ammunition silo is also located near the spawn room.

Tech Plants have 3 pairs of teleporters. The first is located in the spawn room, which links to the main superstructure. This allows defenders to quickly access critical areas of the base. The other 2 pairs of teleporters link the ground level of the superstructure to the air pads on top. Only defenders can access these.

The top of the Tech Plant, accessible via the teleporters, features several flak turrets and 3 air vehicle terminals. The middle terminal is capable of spawning Galaxies.

As of the last Beta Update (14.12.2012), Tech plants give a unique ability, which is to allow Main Battle Tanks (MBTs) to spawn in any facility that allows their construction if connected to a tech plant. This is a big change in Esamir, for instance, where just one tech plant is available for 3 factions, turning it into the most important building of that continent.

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