M60-G Bulldog

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M60-G Bulldog
Icon vehicleItem 60mmVehicleTurret 256x128.png
General Info
Empire Logo nc.pngNew ConglomerateLogo tr.pngTerran RepublicLogo vs.pngVanu Sovereignty
Vehicle SundererHarasser
Role Anti-Infantry
Rate of Fire                     
Reload Speed                     
Accuracy Classified
Range Low
Clip Size 6
Fire Modes Automatic
Cost to Unlock 250 Icon certification point.png OR 500Resource icon station cash.png

The M60-G Bulldog is effective against infantry and provides some damage against armor. It has a slower projectile speed than the air variant, the M60-A Bulldog.

[edit] Weapon Stats (As of July 24,2013)

Damage Firing Mode Reload Times Magazine Stats ROF Bullet Speed
Direct Max Splash Min Splash Mode Time Size Pool ROF Bullet Speed
1000 600 @ 2m 1 @ 6m Automatic 4s 6 120 48 rpm 125 m/s

[edit] Available Certifications

?Vehicle Weapon Certifications
Category Certification Name Levels, Cost, and Effects
Ammunition Maximum Ammo Capacity 1 10 30 50 100 150 200 400 500 1000
Optics Zoom Optics 1 50 150 500
Infrared Optics 50
Thermal Optics 200
Performance Reload Speed 150 200 400 500 1000
Magazine Size 100 200 400 1000
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